Did you watch the video? Did you notice all the police dogs attacking black men, the casual use of the n-word, the Klan hood at the 0:28 mark? Pretty racist, right?

But the whole thing was all a joke, the four officers say. Just some guys havin' some fun and indulging in some light racism while on the taxpayer-funded job. Hey, Broward Palm Beach New Times, have a sense of humor, would ya? PC Police out here trying to make it illegal to laugh.

Three Fort Lauderdale Police officers have been fired and another resigned before he could be fired after an internal affairs investigation found that the cops spent time on the taxpayer clock sending one another racist text messages and sharing a racially charged video using racial slurs and images.[...] When they were confronted by investigators, three of the officers suggested that the video was a regrettable attempt at humor, and that their use of the word "nigger" was not reflective of their true feelings about African-Americans.

See? Not racist. They said so and everything. It was a joke, lighten up. There's a little something called "context," liberals, why don't you try learning about it sometime?

Besides, Yr Wonket is willing to bet that at least one of these officers has a really close friend who is one of The Blacks.

[Officer Christopher] Sousa was found to have texted, "Holdings we are coming and drinking all your beer and killing niggers." Sousa later said he did it to "fit in" on the force, and that he regretted using the terms. He said his best friend since third grade is black.

So Officer Sousa is pretty obviously not racist, since a racist would never have any black friends. "Case closed, n*****," as they say on the Fort Lauderdale P.D.

Yr Wonket figured that one out by using logic, which you have to use when you're a real cop but apparently don't have to use if you're part of the PC Police. That is a double standard no matter how you look at it, and none of you liberals can argue otherwise.

So that's one officer we've definitively proved isn't racist. Who's next?

[Officer James] Wells texted the word "niggers" and "nigger lover" dismissively and also "razzed" [Officer Alex] Alvarez by calling him a "faggot." He called some of his coworkers "lazy fucks" and used the term "retarded brown." Wells later said that the texts were jokes — relief fro [sic] a stressful job, and that they were never intended to become public. He said they did not reflect his true feelings toward black people.

All you PC Police cadets out there, answer us this one question: If someone asked you, "Hey, did you use the n-word because you have a problem with black people?" wouldn't that be the perfect time to 'fess up? They're basically saying, "Look, it's cool, we're all cool here," so if Officer Wells actually was racist, why would he lie when Internal Affairs asked him about it?

He wouldn't, that's why. These officers swear an oath to the Constitution, something you liberals probably can't understand. NEXT.

[Officer Jason] Holding texted about a "mudshark" — a derogatory reference to a white woman dating a black man. He said the other cops called him this because he was dating a black Haitian-American woman. He said it was teasing, and "all in good fun." Holding once texted to Alvarez and Wells, after they'd been looking for some suspects who'd fled, "I had a wet dream that you two found those niggers in the VW and gave them the death penalty right there on the spot."

Okay, that could be construed as racist. Like, if you walked into a room and you heard a stranger talking about a wet dream he had? That's gross, sure.

And if that wet dream involved the execution of two black people by a uniformed agent of the state, then yeah, sure, you'd be justified in thinking "Not judging or anything, but I can see how that guy might be a racist." But if it's two cops talking about that wet dream, brother officer to brother officer? Obviously you think twice about whether or not they're racist or just having some fun. Yr Wonket thinks our boys in blue have earned the benefit of the doubt.

So that leaves only one more cop -- OH WAIT WE'RE NOT DONE WITH THE THIRD ONE YET.

[Holding] said he used the word "nigger" like women sometimes employ the word "bitch" — "Like, 'I'm out with my bitches'" — or, he said, like it's used in hip-hop as a substitute for the word "dude," but that he regretted using it.

Yr Wonket commends Morning Joe for eloquently summarizing Officer Holding's defense. Rappers say the n-word all the time, therefore you can't complain when cops say it too, especially if those cops are white — or does Dr. King's dream mean nothing to you liberal pukes?

Officer Holding was probably a perfect Southern gentleman before he heard one too many Pitbull songs while he was breaking up drug rings or unlicensed middleweight boxing matches.

Holding also called a female co-worker " a fat rat" [sic] but when confronted, said he regretted it and she might have had a thyroid problem.

It is a known fact that making fun of someone for being fat doesn't count as being mean if you feel bad about it at some point in the future. Maybe Officer Holding will approach his female colleague at the Police Department's 15-year reunion, and maybe he'll apologize, and maybe she'll think he is actually very sweet, and maybe she'll have lost a few pounds by then, for her health or whatever, and maybe they'll ditch the reunion in favor of a furious, sweaty love-making session atop a filthy comforter at a nearby Ramada Inn. You can't rule it out. The heart wants what the heart wants.

And not for nothing, but none of this ever would have been a problem if SOME WOMAN would have just tended to burning her own pot roast.

[I]n October 2014 when Police Chief Frank Adderley got an email that informed him he had racist police officers on the force. The tipster, Priscilla Perez, was the fiancée of Alvarez, and she sent Adderly screenshots of text messages between [the officers]. Perez also gave a sworn statement to internal affairs officers that said her would-be husband constantly expressed his racist views toward black people. [...] [Perez] recalled [Alvarez] saying that on his day off "I'll drink nigger blood." She said he refused to see the remake of Annie, the musical, because it had black actors.

Oh, and now you want to go and ruin a man's career because he loves the Old Hollywood classics! Jesus Christ — or wait, is that also on the list of words cops shouldn't say when they're just having a little fun?

You liberals are ridiculous.

[Broward Palm Beach New Times via Raw Story]


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