Liar Carly Fiorina Lying About New Thing

The exact face ol' Carleton was making when she said the thing she says she didn't say.

Let's check in with old Carly "Misspeaks A Lot" Fiorina. Is she misspeaking a lot, about a new thing? Or is she being not fully honest? Stretching the truth an eensy-weensy bit? Fuck no, she's just cold lying, the same way she's been doing about fake Planned Parenthood videos that don't exist, because that's what liars do. They lie. So here's the new lie, and it's a GAY LIE! In the aftermath of the Supreme Court Homo-pocalypse That Gayed America, all the "pro-family" gay-hatin' types are caterwauling about "RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!!11!!" and their sacred right to be protected from anything that's icky and gay. And in Kim Davis, they have their martyr du jour, an example held up for the fundamentalist Christians that says, "See? This could happen to you. You could be instructed to do the job you're paid $80,000 per year to do. Ow, ow! These nails in my wrist hurt!"

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So Carly was on the wingnut radio in Iowa, with host Jan Mickelson, to answer for how one time she committed the deadly sin of saying that hey, I may not like that Supreme Court ruling, but it's the law, so whatcha gonna do? This is not acceptable to the host, so TIME TO LIE!

MICKELSON: Here in Iowa, when you say Supreme Court decisions are the law of the land, that sets us off. Iowans got bludgeoned by decisions here, and we went through Civics 101, and we don't accept the proposition that court decisions are the law of the land.

CARLY: Yeah, I actually—with all due respect, Jan—I think that is, ah, a quote from, ah, someone else, not from me. I know there are many Republican candidates, [John] Kasich among them, ah, who have said those exact words. But there's no doubt—there is no doubt—that we have a problem with our judiciary.

Pause to giggle amongst yourselves about how Iowa Civics 101 taught these dipshits that Supreme Court decisions don't count. Moving onward and upward:

MICKELSON: Premise one, though, you never said that Supreme Court decisions are law of the land. So you didn't say that, right?

CARLY: I am not aware of having said that. I'm aware of other candidates saying that. I think this probably came up with the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, and my comment on that was, we now must exert enormous energy toward protecting religious liberty in this country. And that means that every state has to pass a religious freedom protection act. We have those passed in many states, and I stood strong and defended Indiana when everyone was piling on Indiana. But it's clear we have to pass those laws at the state level as well as the federal level.

WHOA, IF TRUE. But no, Carly says it was those OTHER candidates who said that. Carly Fiorina would never say something so evil, just like she'd never sell computer parts to Iran when she was CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

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And it's true. OTHER candidates have said that! Lindsey Graham and John Kasich have basically said yeah, it's the fucking law, deal with it, and also, do your job, Kim Fucking Davis. Donald Trump said those exact words about Obergefell v. Hodges. And there was this one other candidate who said it's the law of the land, and it was the girl Republican known as (DRUMROLL PLEASE) Carly Fiorina!

I think the Supreme Court ruling will become the law of the land, and however much I may agree or disagree with it, I wouldn’t support an amendment to reverse it. And I very much hope that we will come to a place now in this nation where we can support their decision and at the same time support people’s right to ... hold religious views and to protect their right to exercise those views.

You are probably saying, "Yeah right, liberal media!" if you are A Idiot. Because CLEARLY this video has been doctored, as there's not even a fetus squirming in the background on the table at Planned Parenthood. Obvious fake. For the record, Carly ALSO said Kim Davis should do her goddamn job, so clearly she hates Jesus as much as she hates being a good CEO.

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Anyway, the point is that Carly Fiorina is a fucking liar who lies about anything she can think of to lie about, because that's how liars do. What did you eat for breakfast Carly? LIES. Will you go to the prom with me, Carly? MORE LIES. How good of a job did you do at Hewlett-Packard? BIGGEST LIES OF ALL.

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Also, too, she is a vicious slag, who lies a lot.

[Right Wing Watch viaThe Hill]

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