Possible Murderer John McAfee's Presidential Campaign Ad Deeply Crazy, As Is John McAfee

Possible Murderer John McAfee's Presidential Campaign Ad Deeply Crazy, As Is John McAfee

(Unicorn horn sold separately)

Oh boy! It's that very special time of the year: The fringe candidate ads are here! Feast on this brilliant sample of sensory overload from Libertarian presidential candidate John McAffee. Yes, the antivirus guy. Yes, the one who "was named as a 'person of interest' in an unsolved 2012 murder case in Belize and later claimed he is a target of a Central American hit squad for his criticisms of the Belize government." Yes, the guy who had seven women living with him in Belize as part of a "social engineering project," which even Yr Wonkette thinks is an unnecessarily complex term for "enjoys group sex, maybe, and if it's consensual, that's OK."

But just get a load of this techno-loaded jump-cutting ad, which includes snippets of Serenity and The Simpsons to make Serious Political Points. As the label on the Plastic Ono Band's 45's used to say, PLAY LOUD:

So that happened. It looks like something from InfoWars, only without quite so much emphasis on the Illuminati.

The ad offers some very deep thoughts on the American political system, like the onscreen text informing us, "Every four years Americans come together to bully their neighbors" and "Politics is dying. Kill politics so it can be reborn. Be a Libertarian."

Missing from the ad is the equally valid statement "There's a spaceship behind the comet. Get your purple jumpsuit on now!"

Out of place though the Simpsons clip seems, the ad still does less violence to the animated series than Ted Cruz did, so there's that.

McAfee's running mate Judd Weiss created the video, and explained what he was trying to accomplish:

"We are going after youth," he said. He knows they may turn some people off, and they are even "hoping to create a certain outrage and then pour gasoline on the fire. We want to make something beautiful the media can't resist. We want people on the streets with picket signs [in protest]. That's the goal. I haven't gotten there yet, but give me time, I'm just starting."

There you go. Hope that settles your questions. In the unlikely event Weiss doesn't take up residence in lair House in January 2017, he should at least be available to produce laser shows synced to Pink Floyd and Daft Punk.

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