Lil' Chucky Schumer Proposes Adorable 'No-Ride List' For the Choo-Choos


Sen. Charles Schumer said he would push as well for added funding for rail security and commuter and passenger train track inspections and more monitoring of stations nationwide.

When most people see news about a potential terrorist attack, they get a little scared and take a bit of solace knowing their government is aware of it. When Chuck Schumer sees it, he sees a chance to stuff his state with more transportation funding.

He called on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to expand the Secure Flight monitoring program, which cross-checks air travelers with the terror watch list in an attempt to prevent anyone on the "no-fly list" from boarding, for use on Amtrak.

Let the terrorists ride, Schumer. Amtrak needs all the customers it can get. That thing is a money pit. There are surely more names on that dumb list than people who have taken a train since 9/11. [Reuters]


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