Lin Wood Spreads Conspiracy Theory Kelly Loeffler Aide Killed To Send Message To Brian Kemp

Lin Wood Spreads Conspiracy Theory Kelly Loeffler Aide Killed To Send Message To Brian Kemp
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One of the latest conspiracy theories coming out of Trumplandia is that the death of 20-year-old Harrison Deal, an aide to Georgia GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler, in a car accident last Friday ... was no accident at all. Specifically, they think Deal was GOP Governor Brian Kemp's daughter Lucy's boyfriend, and that he was killed a day after Kemp agreed to do a signature audit of the vote, in order to "send him a message" to back off.

What? They don't have fish in Georgia? They have to murder a 20-year-old kid to "send a message?" It feels like a little much, frankly. It's certainly not how I would do things.

Anyway, the latest genius spreading this conspiracy is Kraken lawyer Lin Wood, who retweeted the accusation, explaining that "there are no coincidences."

Really, Lin Wood? Lin Wood who initially got famous for representing Richard Jewell, a man who was wrongly accused of bombing the 1996 Olympics based on a series of coincidences? Who alsorepresented JonBenét Ramsey's parents and brother? There are no coincidences? Really? Because dude has built a whole entire career on there being coincidences. And destroyed that career in a matter of months.

And of course there is such a thing as a coincidence. Imagine if there weren't! Life would be absolutely exhausting if every random coincidence were actually somehow planned by some evil mastermind controlling all of our lives, and instead of saying "Oh, what a coincidence, I am going the same way, I can give you a ride!" or "Oh, what a coincidence, I was just talking about how I need a new pair of brown boots and then I found two pairs of brown Frye boots on sale!" we had to be like "Oh my god, who is watching us and setting this all up?" That would be terrible and no one would like it. So yes, there are definitely coincidences.

Including this, which is very obviously a coincidence — and barely that, given that they've imagineered at least one of the "facts" in the scenario.

Kemp's daughter Lucy called Deal her "best friend" — which is not usually a way one refers to their boyfriend. The Trumpers, however, cite them being in a bunch of pictures together and some random person on Facebook saying "Gorgeous couple!" as evidence he was her boyfriend. But it sure seems like they were just friends. I mean, maybe they weren't, but men and women can be platonic friends, believe it or not.

Beyond anything else, this is just a horrible thing for these people to do to that kid's family. They just lost their son and now they also have to deal with morons on the internet claiming it was part of some dark conspiracy to steal the election from Trump? It's awful, just like it was awful when they did it to Seth Rich's family. They're sick, sick people.


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