Lin Wood Pretty Sure Election He Personally Lost Part Of Trump's Mysterious 4D Chess Plan

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Lin Wood Pretty Sure Election He Personally Lost Part Of Trump's Mysterious 4D Chess Plan
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This weekend, attorney Lin Wood lost his bid to head up South Carolina's Republican party to incumbent Drew McKissick, who will now be serving his third term as the party's chair. Adding some salt to the wound was the fact that Wood's hero and the man he basically torched his life for, Donald Trump, actually endorsed McKissick on three separate occasions.

Or so you would think.

But in a post on Telegram, Wood — who previously questioned the veracity of reports that Trump had endorsed McKissick — explained that he understands that Trump, in his great genius, knows exactly what he is doing here and accepts that this is all part of his plan.


President Trump is a genius. He plays chess at a level we will never fully understand.

I was honored by his description of me as a "strong and talented" opponent. Upon further reflection, I understand his endorsement of my opponent, Drew McKissick.

My faith in President Trump has never wavered. He is doing God's will for our country.

I support President Trump 100%.

P.S. The SCGOP is a swamp. In time, the RINOS will be defeated. Watch it happen.

Oh, for sure. It all makes sense now. His loss was all part of Trump's plan and had nothing to do with the fact that he was going around saying crazy shit like that Trump is still president, and that if the military has to nuke someone, he's the one they'll go to for the nuclear codes:

Pretending that the election was "stolen" is one thing, but claiming Trump is literally still the president, as Wood has been doing, is another. It's a bridge somewhat too far.

Wood is, of course, not the only one who believes this is the case. QAnon adherents on the Great Awakening message board also believe that the decision to endorse McKissick was "tactical and strategic" on Trump's part.


You can tell a newbie/shill by the way they jump to conclusions about Trump. The veterans know better than to bet against him. Like discussed here yesterday I bet McKissick is going down at some point and Trump will have the perfect plausible deniability when people accuse him of orchestrating any military tribunal situation. NEUTRALITY ACHIEVED.

Also hilarious how liberals think we look at Trump like a God yet we don't get vaccinated and voted for the guy ribbing against his endorsement

You know, you always hear people saying shit like "Oh man, if Jesus came back, he'd be all 'This is not what I meant!' and all of the people who had been saying and doing crappy stuff in his name would be so ashamed." If nothing else, this is proof that would never actually happen. These people do look at Trump as a God and follow him like a religion, and they do it exactly the way people follow every other religion on earth. By doing whatever they want and then claiming it is his will. We are watching this happen in real time.

Another user suggested this "plan" probably has something to do with Trump wanting McKissick to be known to people when he is arrested for his crimes.

Theoretical thought: if McKissick lost, and then something bad happened to him, then there would be no media coverage. On the other hand, if he won, and was arrested for say pedophilia, that probably would be amplified even more now that he's a candidate of the republican party. Maybe this strategy is to ensure darkness is in the spotlight when it is revealed.

Well, that does seem plausible. Of course, if it doesn't turn out to be the case, it's not as if these people will suddenly believe that Trump is not a God-like super-genius playing 4D chess with South Carolina Republican Party elections. No, it will just be part of some other plan that they are not yet wise enough to know, but which will surely come to pass at some point in their lifetimes.

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