Lindsey Graham Crimetime Afternoon Update: THERE WERE WITNESSES.

Lindsey Graham Crimetime Afternoon Update: THERE WERE WITNESSES.

In the criminal justice system, Lindsey Graham is considered especially heinous.

The end, that's the post.

HAHA just kidding, there is "SVU" on the TV and that show is not about Lindsey Graham! That we know of!

It's been fewer than 24 hours since we learned that Lindsey Graham got on the phone last week with GOP Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and was just curious if maybe they could throw out ALL THE LEGALLY CAST MAIL-IN VOTES in counties that have higher rates of signature mismatches on ballots. You know, because Lindsey Graham doesn't believe in your vote counting if it goes against his Dear Leader, without whom he is less than the shell of a man.

Well, now we are getting updates, and it turns out there were witnesses. NBC News's Josh Lederman reports that Georgia election official Gabe Sterling heard the call and says he can understand why Raffensperger and Graham might have different interpretations of the call, but otherwise confirms Raffensperger's allegations.

According to Raffensperger, Graham asked him, in essence, to "look hard and see how many ballots you could throw out." Sterling gave CNN a little more context on what he saw and heard:

"What I heard was basically discussions about absentee ballots and if a potentially … if there was a percentage of signatures that weren't really, truly matching, is there some point we could get to, we could say somebody went to a courtroom could say well, let's throw (out) all these ballots because we have no way of knowing because the ballots are separated."

In other words, Lindsey Graham was looking for ways to throw legal ballots in the trash, ballots where voters had chosen Joe Biden. Let's not even play here.

There was also more than one phone call:

Mr. Raffensperger said that when he was contacted by Mr. Graham Friday, he thought the senator was calling about the state's two senate races. After an initial conversation, Mr. Graham called back again and brought up the idea of invalidating absentee ballots from counties with higher rates of signature errors, Mr. Raffensperger said, adding that he had staffers with him on that call.

What did Lindsey Graham do between those phone calls? Who was he calling the Georgia SoS for, allegedly?

Graham has denied any impropriety, but of course has not explained why the fuck he was calling Brad Raffensperger in the first place, and saying he just wanted to understand how ballot verification works does not pass the smell test. He also has not offered a good explanation for why he's talking to elections officials in Arizona and Nevada, which just happen to be two more of the states Joe Biden flipped to win the election in a landslide. (The Arizona and Nevada secretaries of state say they haven't talked to Graham, so we are just curious which elections officials Lindsey is trying to grease up here. Allegedly.)

Anyway, Lindsey is being very huffy about your insinuations about his contacts with Brad Raffensperger. Why, you'd think somebody had called Brett Kavanaugh a drunk bad-touching creep, that's how OH MY STARS Lindsey is:

"If [Raffensperger] feels threatened by that conversation, he's got a problem," Graham said. "I actually thought it was a good conversation."

As Karen Tumulty quips in the Washington Post, it sounds like IT WAS A PERFECT CALL, THEY'RE TRYING TO IMPEACH HIM OVER A PERFECT CALL! (We are paraphrasing Tumulty.)

Raffensperger told the Wall Street Journal he and his staff chose not to take any of Graham's "advice" because "we have laws in place," by which we can only assume he meant he did not want to COMMIT CRIMES like the senator appears to have been suggesting.

Oh well, we guess President Biden's attorney general can get to the bottom of all of it, should they be so inclined.

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