Lindsey Graham Just Wondering If Roodles The Clown Is Full Of Russian Propaganda. SPOILER, LINDSEY!

Lindsey Graham has a concern, everyone.

After spending so many hours cuddling up to Donald Trump;

After starting a bullshit "investigation" in the Senate Judiciary Committee into Rudy Giuliani's conspiracy theories about Joe Biden's fake nefarious activities in Ukraine;

After indeed saying it would be a great idea if Rudy Giuliani would come to the Senate and testify about those conspiracy theories, which he gets from shady-ass mofos in Ukraine;

And after Fiona Hill and the other impeachment witnesses and the entire US intelligence community stated clearly that fantastical stories about how UKRAINE IS THE REAL COLLUSION are Kremlin propaganda ...

Lindsey Graham is suddenly just now worried that Rudy Giuliani might be spreading Russian propaganda. Maybe. Perhaps.


Graham shared his concern with the Daily Beast:

"My advice to Giuliani would be to share what he got from Ukraine with the IC [intelligence community] to make sure it's not Russia propaganda. I'm very suspicious of what the Russians are up to all over the world."

Lindsey Graham is not wrong, which is a rare thing for us to say these days.

It's not that Graham hasn't been approaching Uncle Rudypants with the appropriate skepticism. Here is Graham just a couple weeks ago saying he sure does hope Rudy Giuliani, Knower of Things, knows what he is talking about:


The Daily Beast article isn't all about Lindsey Graham's newfound brain, but it is definitely all about Roodles The Clown, and how pretty much every GOP senator who ever lived is avoiding him like the plague, for obvious reasons. The quotes are fun!

"I wouldn't trust Rudy to represent me in a parking dispute so I'd say avoid," a senior GOP Senate aide said tersely when asked if it was a good idea for Republican senators to meet with Giuliani to get a Ukraine briefing. Another top aide in a different Republican office said their senator had informed staff that they had "no interest at all" in meeting with Giuliani on this, fearing it would amount to a "waste of time," if not something worse.

Like Russian propaganda, which is exactly what it is.

Hey, remember who Roodles met with last time he was in Ukraine? As we noted when we wrote of his latest fantastical conspiracy theories, about how Adam Schiff invested in a mutual fund one time that was super Ukraine-y, and also about how former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and Joe Biden hid $5.3 billion in American aid to Ukraine in their underpants so they could give it to George Soros (no, really), Giuliani got this information from Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach, who went to (we're not kidding) the Felix Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB (seriously, for real). The Daily Beast notes that both Derkach and another guy who recently became one of Rudy's Ukraine pals are kiiiiiinda known for sharing Russian conspiracy theory propaganda on the Facebooks.

The Daily Beast notes that it's not just GOP senators who are walking around with their fingers on their upper lips like a mustache disguise whenever Giuliani is nearby. It's even White House people, who don't particularly want to be seen palling around with the likes of Rudy Giuliani, because everyone hates him.

In response to Lindsey Graham saying besmirch statements about Rudy's Russian propaganda stories, Rudy told the Daily Beast "It's not Russian propaganda," but a person spreading Russian propaganda WOULD say that, now wouldn't they, pretty sure they would, the end.

[Daily Beast]

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