I Mean Joe Biden GIF

Let's see, today, President Joe Biden has ...

1) met with the leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania -- you know, countries Vladimir Putin thinks he probably still should get to own. It's one of the many things Biden is doing in advance of his meeting with Putin to demonstrate that the days of Donald Trump cuddling with the Russian president and begging him for treats are over.

2) done the NATO summit, continuing to talk about how America's defense of NATO should be an absolute given.

3) taken more fun pictures, this time with NATO leaders.

4) met with the authoritarian shitheel president of Turkey, who is still allowed to be in NATO.

And now it's 6:50 p.m. where he is, and 12:50 on the east coast of America, and he's doing a press conference.

So low-energy!

(UPDATE: There was a biiiiiiig delay because NATO ran long, but now he is going, as of 3:30-ish on the east coast, which is 9:30 where he is! Even more low-energy!)

Watch the president here:

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