LIVE: Whistleblower Tells Senate All The Ways Facebook Is The Worst


Y'all might have heard there is a Facebook whistleblower. You also might have heard that Facebook was down almost all day yesterday, and oh God it was so nice. Whenever you'd forget Facebook was down and then out of some fucked up habit you'd go try to look at Facebook, THERE WAS NOTHING THERE and then you'd smile, because it was like it had never been there at all.

Anyway, about that whistleblower!

Her name is Frances Haugen, and she is testifying before a Senate Finance subcommittee this morning. According to Reuters, she will say Facebook is "one of the most urgent threats" facing the country, and we guess she'd know, because she worked on Facebook's "civic misinformation team." Reuters explains more:

"The core of the issue is that no one can understand Facebook's destructive choices better than Facebook, because only Facebook gets to look under the hood," she said in written testimony prepared for the hearing. [...]

Haugen came forward this week to reveal she was the one who provided documents used in a Wall Street Journal investigation and a Senate hearing on Instagram's harm to teen girls.

If you think Facebook is horrible, as most patriotic Americans do, this should be an important hearing.

Watch live! Oh, and if you missed Haugen on "60 Minutes," we also put that below.

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