Liveblogging Every Second Of The Second Day Of Trump's Second Impeachment Trial!

Welcome to day two of Trump's second impeachment trial!

If you missed our recap of how AWESOME Donald Trump's lawyers were on the first day, click here. Politico Playbook has another review from a Republican senator, Richard Burr of North Carolina, who says, "I ain't no lawyer but I know enough to know that was some bad stuff." Even Ted Cruz said Trump's lawyers were garbage, while calling House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin "impressive."

Let's see how great today is, as we liveblog it!

12:01: Here we go. As we begin, you should know that Fulton County, Georgia, has officially opened a criminal investigation into Donald Trump's attempt to steal the election.

As for the trial today, we're going to see lots of previously unreleased footage of the Capitol terrorist attack. It wasn't just yesterday's video.

12:08: Jamie Raskin just opening by saying they're going to prove that Trump saw this coming and he incited it and goosed it and it is his fault, INPEACH.

12:11: Raskin showing tweets from Trump going all the way back to December 6, "we have only just begun to fight!," and specifically promising that January 6 was going to be WILD.

RASKIN: "He told them to fight like hell, and he brought us hell."

Trump was "delighted" by the attack, and confused why other people weren't as excited as he was, according to quotes Raskin is displaying.

12:15: LOL CNN reporting that Trump's very good lawyers are also too trying to make some videos, specifically "clips of Democrats who also lost elections but declined to immediately concede." Good fuckin' luck. Gonna show secret tape of Hillary Clinton in the middle of the night between November 8 and 9, 2016, before she came out in purple and conceded?

12:18: Raskin says they will try to give warnings before really graphic footage they show, we guess so Josh Hawley can cover his eyes and his B-hole and say "LA LA LA LA LA!"

12:22: Raskin says what Trump did is less like yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theater, but more like a fire chief doing the arson, then watching it gleefully on TV, then bitching that the victims want to bar him from ever being fire chief again. That sounds right.

Here is a clip of that.

12:25: Raskin closes by telling story of Capitol police officer who defended them from the terrorist attack, then broke down afterward saying he had gotten called the "N-word" 15 times that day, by Trump's terrorists.

Now Joe Neguse will offer a "roadmap" of the case against Trump.

12:34: Neguse importantly notes that Trump very consistently used three phrases to incite people: the Big Lie that the "election was stolen," and that he couldn't lose unless there was fraud; "stop the steal"; and finally "fight like hell." Neguse is showing tweets and clips going all the way back to April.

12:39: Neguse noting that Trump's actions and words were inciting violence long before January 6. Elections officials got death threats all over the country. And that on January 6, Trump's speech was timed to happen just before Congress was getting about its business. It was planned.

And when Trump spoke on January 6, he said all those phrases.

Now now, we know what you're thinking: in Trump's defense, it's always been clear he only knows about 100 words. They are just all very bad words.

12:47: Neguse notes that there were warnings in the days beforehand that people were coming to DC on the 6th, and they were coming armed. There were people arrested beforehand on weapons charges. Trump knew what was coming, and he knew it when he gave the orders on the morning of the 6th. Neguse plays tape of insurrectionists saying these things out loud:

"We were invited by the president of the United States!"

"President Trump requested that we be in DC on the 6th."

And when it was ongoing, people were "begging him to stop the attack," but he didn't. Because he was enjoying it. Even the part about how they were targeting Mike Pence, his own vice president.

12:52: Neguse showing affidavits regarding arrested insurrectionists. One says they would've killed Mike Pence if they found him. Another said, "We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin' brain but we didn't find her."

And then there were these quotes from insurrectionists, all saying they were just doing what Dear Leader told them to do.

12:56: Now Joaquin Castro and Eric Swalwell will SEX CHINESE SPIES show the evidence of Trump's long campaign in service of his Big Lie that he won an election he lost.

12:59: July 19: Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

September 23: Trump says if you "get rid of the ballots" we won't have to worry about it, because there'll just be a "continuation" of power. His power.

1:00: May 24: Trump tweeted that it would be the "greatest Rigged Election in our history." (Remember his fucked up capitalizations back when he was allowed to have Twitter?)

Many more tweets about RIGGED and FRAUD and INACCURATE. And many clips, which Castro is playing.

Repeating the Big Lie constantly is part of how fascist Big Lies work.

Castro shows clip of a dumbfuck Trump supporter September 15 in Cumming, Georgia, saying the only way Trump could lose would be if RIGGED, and more dumbfuck Trump supporters September 24 in Jacksonville, Florida, also saying Trump could lose is RIGGED. They had been brainwashed into the Big Lie.

1:05: Castro now moving to how Trump tried to stop the counting once more votes were counted and it became clear he was a loserfuckingloser. Notes that there are probably senators in that room right now who started becoming more clear winners of their races as more votes were counted.

Trump tweet on election night, a little after midnight: "They are trying to STEAL the election." Trump dumbfuckingmouth at 2:30 a.m. election night, calls it a fraud, says "frankly we DID win this election."

Tweets the next day: "STOP THE COUNT!" "STOP THE FRAUD!"

Castro makes good point that when Trump wants somebody to stop doing something, HE SAYS IT IN ALL CAPS. But he didn't SAY IT IN ALL CAPS when terrorists were in the middle of attacking the Capitol.

1:11: Democrats now showing a montage going back and forth between Trump's lies and his violent supporters screaming "STOP THE STEAL" and "STOP THE FRAUD" and "STOP THE COUNT" just after the election. "They had bought into his Big Lie," says Castro.

1:14: Now it is Eric Swalwell's turn. The Democrats are doing a good job of cutting off the balls of the argument that because some of the Capitol attack was planned before Trump's speech, he therefore could not have incited the attack. As if all this was in a vacuum. Swalwell will present the evidence of everything Trump did after the election was called, advancing his Big Lie and "dous[ing] the flames with kerosene."

1:17: Trump tweet November 15: "I CONCEDE NOTHING." "RIGGED ELECTION."

Trump tweet November 17: "Dead people voted."

Trump tweet November 26: "We have found many illegal votes."

This was all incitement and lies, "dramatizing the election to anger his supporters."

Trump tweet December 5: Trump attacks GOP governors of AZ and GA, saying if they were with him, he would have "already won" those states.

1:21: Swalwell showing clips of insurrectionists surrounding the Michigan secretary of state's house, even after Michigan's results were certified, as Trump continued to lie through his teeth about what happened in Michigan, inciting his sleeper cells to threaten Michigan elected officials.

1:23: The night before the Electoral College voted, December 13, Trump issued 13 tweet incitements full of his Big Lie about fraud and stolen elections. Joe Biden still won in a fucking landslide the next day.

1:29: Swalwell refers to Trump's rallying cries about January 6 as a "Save The Date." Also notes that all Trump's ads he ran about stopping the steal or whatever mysteriously stopped on January 5. It was like he was preparing them for something. Attacking Republican electeds for not fighting enough. Saying "history will remember." Saying Democrats would "fight to the death" if [they were telling a similar big lie].


1:33: Swalwell also has Trump retweeting random Twitter followers about bringing in the "cavalry," and retweeting Kylie Kremer, the organizer of the January 6 rally, pushing people to show up.

"Deliberate, planned, and premeditated" is what this attack was, says Swalwell.

1:38: Swalwell makes clear that they are not attacking people who legitimately came to Trump's rallies to peacefully protest, you HEAR THAT, TUCKER? THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

1:40: Break time! Go read Jamie on the absolute dumbest legal arguments made by Trump lawyers yesterday, then come back.

1:42:Here is how garbage seditionist Josh Hawley is spending the impeachment trial:

Amy Klobuchar should go up to the gallery and flip food at him, with a spoon.

1:52: Here's a thing. DC rioters are pinning it on Trump even more now that his impeachment trial has started, and now saying they "regret everything" and were "duped" by Trump. Funny how that happens when the wannabe tyrant completely abandons them so he can run away and hide in Florida.

2:07: Now Madeleine Dean comes back to present more evidence, of how Trump filed 62 frivolous lawsuits to overturn the election. He lost 61 of them. He won one, but it had zero impact on the count in Pennsylvania. Even Trump's own appointed judges laughed that clown shit out of court.

2:11: She's going even deeper on Trump pressuringelections officials in Michigan, and doing the same in Pennsylvania. Saying she bets the senators from Pennsylvania remember that! We have a feeling she'll also spend some time on Georgia, we are just guessing. Wonkette has much coverage of Trump's threats against GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, just for doing his job, which involved acknowledging that Joe Biden beat the shit out of Trump in Georgia. Raffensperger's family was threatened, he was threatened, and everybody knew. Trump knew.

2:21: Georgia elections official Gabriel Sterling, also a Republican, told Trump what his incitement would cause on December 1.

But Trump just kept going.

2:23: Oh yes, and it all culminated in Trump's Perfect Call, four days before the Capitol attack, telling Georgia election officials to "manufacture," as Dean just said, the votes he needed to win. The exact number.

As we said above, there is now officially a criminal investigation of that in Georgia.

Now it is Ted Lieu's turn!

2:26: LIEU: "Donald Trump ran out of non-violent options to remain in power."

2:30: Lieu reminding Mitch McConnell, John Thune and John Cornyn that Trump threatened them personally on Twitter for not adequately defending his Big Lie.

2:31: LIEU: For Bill Barr, making up election fraud for Trump was too far. He literally told Trump to his face that his imaginary voter fraud claims were "bullshit."

2:35: Remind yourself of the coup Trump tried to pull at the Justice Department while we eat this lunch!

2:36: And then Trump started inciting his people against Mike Pence! And people were looking for Pence to kill him at the Capitol that day!

Lieu reading Trump's tweets out loud in Congress, even saying words like "pussy" and "bullshit," this is all very normal.

2:40: Next we will have Stacey Plaskett from the Virgin Islands, the first delegate on an impeachment team, and Jamie Raskin says she was also his law student at American University and she got A's and he is just super proud.

Anyway, she will talk about how Trump was well aware of the violence he was inciting and how excited he was about it.

2:46: PLASKETT: Donald Trump knew the people he was inciting. He knew the violence they were capable of. And he invited them in. He spent months cultivating these people.

2:48: Now Plaskett specifically bringing the receipts on Trump's incitement of the Proud Boys.

2:49: During that one debate, Trump was asked if he was willing to condemn white supremacists and groups like the Proud Boys. September 29, 2020. "Proud Boys? Stand back and stand by," said Trump. Stand by.

Plaskett notes that the Proud Boys specifically adopted that slogan, sold merch with it on it and everything. Because those were Dear Leader's orders.

2:52: Oh, and there was that one time Trump insurrectionist pigs tried to run Biden campaign people off the highway in Texas. Trump's response on October 31? "I LOVE TEXAS!" With a video of the crime.

Dems are really doing a good job building this case brick by brick by disgusting, fascist brick.

2:56: Trump then bragged about what his supporters did for him, and when it was revealed that the FBI was investigating his insurrectionists' act of violence in Texas, he tweeted that "these patriots did nothing wrong." Because, as Plaskett just said, Trump believes that violence committed in his name is an act of patriotism.

3:00: Cool, Plaskett showing quotes from that total freak MAGA idiot Katrina Pierson, saying at the December 12 million MAGA idiot march that his people were the "cavalry," and that they were just getting started. There was lots of violence after that rally too! Lots of Proud Boys!

Here is Wonkette's piece on how involved Trump was in bringing those terrorists to DC specifically on January 6.

3:08: Plaskett kinda saying that Trump's terrorists, you might think they're just idiots, but they probably wouldn't have so excitedly posted attack plans and blueprints of the Capitol on their weird dark corners of the internet if Trump hadn't literally invited them to town. Also noting reporting that Trump almost surely knew what was coming, because his social media guru idiot Dan Scavino was monitoring it.

Here's a meme Scavino might have seen before the attack on TheDonald Dot Win:

Plaskett reading tons of quotes from MAGA terrorists on those websites. Any Republican senators listening?

"Yes, it's illegal, but this is war and we're clearly in a post-legal phse of our society." That's a quote Plaskett just read.

"Today I had the very difficult conversation with my children, that daddy might not come home from D.C." That's another one.

These people were going to war, and Trump had ordered them to serve.

3:15: Proud Boys had earpieces, and they thought Trump was going to help them with the attack on January 6.

Plaskett just showed this comment from a far-right forum before the attack, which is chilling and insane:

"He can order the NAT guard to stand down if needed. unfortunately he has no control over the capitol police ... but there are only around 2k of them and lot are useless fat asses or girls."

Plaskett now showing reports from just before the attack, about intel the FBI and other authorities had about the impending attack.

Can we just say WOW the Democrats are laying this out meticulously and WOW we are fucking impressed?

We bet Trump's lawyers will have some real cool videos though.

3:25: Madeleine Dean tears up telling her own story of being at the Capitol that day. Then says Trump's day that day was very different.

She says his desperation was in full effect, as he sent 34 tweets in the hours before the hate rally that day. Says when Trump wants to communicate something, he's not shy about wailing about it.

She says the only difference in his speech that day, between that and the incitement that had been going for months, was that he was now telling them it was go time.

3:28: Dean notes that people like Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump Jr. also teed up Trump's big lie that morning. And then Trump spoke. His supporters should be PATRIOTS to STOP THE STEAL because THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. You know, the same phrases he had been repeating for months, because he's a fascist and also because he only knows 100 words. "The message was no longer just 'fight.' It was FIGHT RIGHT NOW."

3:32: What did Trump praise Rudy Giuliani for saying? "LET'S HAVE TRIAL BY COMBAT," that's a thing Giuliani said that day.

3:34: Dean hammering that Trump was very explicit that to "stop the steal" they had to go to the Capitol, in front of the Proud Boys and the people who organized the attack on the Biden caravan in Texas and the people who organized the violent Million MAGA March of December 12. Notes that in Trump's 11,000-word speech -- and yes, she says, they counted -- he said "peacefully" one time.

So please tell us all about how Trump said "peacefully" one time in 11,000 words, Trump lawyers.

Dean now playing video of people in the crowd screaming about "TAKE THE CAPITOL! INVADE THE CAPITOL! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! TAKE THE CAPITOL RIGHT NOW!"

"These are not just words of aggression, they are words of insurrection."

3:41: Good point from Dean. Trump closed by saying "if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country." Dean notes that there was only one fight left, and it was up the street.

3:43: Dean closes by saying they came bearing Trump's flag, and they used "our flag, the American flag," to batter people. Every time she talks about the attack itself, she gets choked up.


Breaktime! Here is a Wonkette post from Stephen about the media's reaction to the impeachment trial!

4:09: And it is almost back! TV says it's probably about to be video time, and we are going to see lots of new video footage. Not sure exactly what we are waiting for right now, but gonna go with Chuck Grassley won't stop pooping, yep that's our guess.

4:10: Never mind it's back. (Hope everything came out all right, Chuck, allegedly!)

Now comes the video, where they take us through the day.

4:15: Stacey Plaskett is starting with the threats on Mike Pence that day, since he was the "direct target of [the terrorists'] rage." Trump has thrown Pence under the bus. Will the rest of the GOP?

And the video starts.

4:17: Oh wow, she's playing police radio dispatches that haven't been released. Police injuries already reported at that point. Pence had just gaveled in, inside the Capitol.

4:19: By 1:10 p.m. and 1:23 p.m. that day, Plaskett says the first evacuation orders were given for Capitol complex buildings. By 1:45 p.m. they were calling it a riot, according to the police radio.

4:22: By 2:14, they were evacuating Pence, as the insurrectionists were breaching the building.

4:25: We can't possibly narrate every moment of this footage, but we hope you are watching it, and if you're not, sux 4 u.

Plaskett keeps noting the Proud Boys' presence throughout this, from when Trump told them to stand back and stand by, until he gave them the orders to attack.

4:30: Democrats are forcing Republicans to relieve the entire day. Good for them.

Plaskett also told a moving story about how she and so many of them were also there on 9/11, and how often she thinks of the Americans who gave their lives to stop that last plane from coming toward the Capitol. And to be here 20 years later ...

Now showing footage of Capitol police trying to rush senators to safety, while one floor down the terrorists are inside and looking for them.

4:34: The terrorists got within 100 feet of Pence and his family. Democrats are also using models, with dots representing different people and movements:

Above, the little orange dot is Pence getting evacuated. The blue dot is Eugene Goodman of the Capitol police, who is leading the red dot, the terrorists, downward through that hall and away from Pence.

Outside, people were screaming "bring out Pence." They had erected gallows out there. Video shows a Trump insurgent calling Pence a "treasonous pig."

This wasn't just a domestic terrorist attack, it was multiple assassination attempts.

4:40: Plaskett emphasizes that the whole afternoon, Pence never got out of the Capitol, but was in hiding with his family as multiple people looked to assassinate him.

This is what Donald Trump did.

4:44: Plaskett notes that they were able to get Pelosi out of the complex. Here is another insurrectionist on social media, talking about breaking into Pelosi's office, "the mob howling in rage." He says "Crazy Nancy" -- which Plaskett notes is Trump's nickname for her -- "probably would have been torn into little pieces" if they found her.

4:52: And that is the end of Stacey Plaskett's second presentation, can we please make her president at some point?

Eric Swalwell goes now. More police radio recordings.

4:58: Swalwell playing security warnings they got in real time, says as the mob got closer to the House chamber, he texted his wife to tell her he loved her and to hug the babies. The new House chaplain, on her fourth day on the job, approached the podium and said a prayer for peace.

Again, we cannot narrate all of this, and we hope you are watching.

5:04: They just showed Ashli Babbitt getting killed again, this time with more context. The terrorists had figured out how to go around the House chamber toward the other side, toward the House lobby where members were evacuating. They saw Rep. Jim McGovern and went apeshit, but Capitol police were guarding the doors to the House lobby and holding them at bay. Ashli Babbitt tried to push through anyway. She got shot and killed.

Sometime after that, Rep. Dan Kildee is heard on video yelling to members to remove their pins so they're not as identifiable.

5:07: Swalwell notes that they are being real careful in this presentation not to show the routes members took to evacuate. But rioters were talking about it quite a lot, trying to figure it out.

5:08: Hey GOP senators, you get to watch YOURSELF evacuate now! That first part was about the House!

5:13: POLL: How much of a boner do y'all think Josh Hawley has right now watching these videos?

A. Slight down-there tingle.

B. Half-mast.

C. Total boner, dude.

D. Shut up you guys I don't have a boner right now!

5:17: Swalwell now presenting the attack from the perspective of the cops, many of whom were injured, several of whom lost their lives that day or because of that day, thanks to what Donald Trump and his terrorists did.

5:25: And after sharing the perspectives of actual officers who protected them, Swalwell apologizes in advance, and then shows the graphic video of the officer being literally crushed by the terrorists, wailing.

5:26: And with that, Swalwell drops the mic and it is dinner break. Claire McCaskill is in tears on MSNBC after watching it.

5:55: Senator Angus King just said on MSNBC that a Republican member told him just now that they hope every person in America is seeing this right now. Said it wasn't one of the members who voted with them yesterday. Dunno what that means. Maybe this is getting through.

6:29: And we are back! David Cicilline takes over now, to present what Trump was doing during the attack, how he stoked it, and what he DIDN'T do to stop it.

6:31: Trump was by all accounts delighted by the attack. And as Cicilline notes, Trump's tweet early that night, as he was telling his pigs to go home, was to say this is what happens "when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots," etc.

In other words, Congress and Mike Pence, you were asking for it.

6:36: At 1:49 p.m., the first thing Trump did once the Capitol had been breached and his terrorists were trying to find Mike Pence to assassinate him, he tweeted a propaganda video of his speech.

6:40: Cicilline now going through all the people trying to get in touch with the White House to get Trump to DO SOMETHING. Says many of the people in the room probably did just that. People at the White House tried to get him to do something. He just watched it all burn.

6:42: Cicilline citing Ben Sasse, who relayed a conversation about how Trump was apparently "delighted," yet confused as to why the rest of his team wasn't as "excited as he was." Senior White House officials said Trump was "borderline enthusiastic."

6:44: Cicilline now explaining that around 2:00 p.m., Trump was calling Senator Tommy Tuberville, but accidentally calling Senator Mike Lee, who had to hand the phone to Tuberville, to try to get him to do some more overthrows of democracy in Trump's service. That's around when everybody was starting to get evacuated, because the terrorists were inside.

6:48: Cicilline now playing the voicemail from Rudy Giuliani to Tommy Tuberville around 7:00 p.m., asking Coach Dumbfuck to do democracy overthrows. Giuliani ALSO accidentally called Mike Lee, because we guess he and Trump were watching it in bed together or something, using the same wrong numbers for Coach Tubby.

6:52: Joaquin Castro picks up the narrative around 2:15 p.m. Pence was evacuated and hiding with his family about then.

6:54: Reading through Talking Points Memo's liveblog (it has no dick jokes, you stay here), seeing that Lisa Murkowski says the evidence so far is "pretty damning" and John Thune says House managers did a good job "connecting the dots" between Trump and the mob. For whatever that's worth.

Back to Castro, he notes that at 2:24, Trump tweeted that "Mike Pence didn't have the courage" to do what Trump wanted him to do. The vice president was literally hiding for his life because people were trying to assassinate him.

7:01: CASTRO: "Mike Pence is not a traitor to this country." UNLIKE THAT OTHER GUY. We ask again, are these GOP senators OK with this?

7:02: It was at 2:38 p.m. when Trump acknowledged that the attack was happening, tweeting milquetoastily to "please support our Capitol Police" and "Stay peaceful!" Terrorists were literally on the House floor.

7:06: Castro showing tweets from Trump people like Alyssa Farah and Mick Mulvaney, who were begging Trump in public to make the attack stop. GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher tweeted a video to Trump saying "you are the only person who can call this off. Call. This. Off." All this is in the 3:00-ish hour.

Trump does nothing.

At 3:13 p.m., Trump tweets telling people to "remain peaceful." (They were already doing terrorism and had been for two hours. This was around when that Capitol cop was being crushed outside the House lobby, screaming.)

Remember how Democrats were noting earlier how Trump is really good at tweeting STOP!!11!1 in all caps when he really wants something to stop?

7:10: Chris Christie, 3:40 p.m. on live TV, says Trump caused this, and is the only one who can make it stop.

Also remember how Trump is really good at tweeting the same misspelled thing 38 times in a row, just so everybody knows he's REAL SERIOUS? Yeah he wasn't doing that.

7:13: Is there video of the terrorists reading Trump's tweets out loud while they were in the Capitol like they were taking orders? There sure is! Would they have gotten the message if Trump had told them 38 times in all caps and misspelled words that they'd gone too far and please stop? They sure woulda!

7:15: CASTRO: There's no indication Trump had anything to do with it when the National Guard was finally deployed. They talked to Pence, they talked to Schumer and Pelosi and McConnell and Hoyer. In fact, he specifically was "completely, totally out of it" in those conversations, according to reporting.

Pence had to do it, from his hiding place in the Capitol, where terrorists were trying to assassinate him.

7:18: Castro really emphasizing that not only was Congress unsafe, but Trump really put in direct danger the Capitol Police, who were so outnumbered by his terrorists. "Trump left everyone in this Capitol for dead," says Castro.

At 4:17 p.m. finally released that shithole video where he said the "election was stolen from us, it was a landslide election, and everyone knows it." Still pushing the Big Lie that created the terrorist attack that had been going for 3.5 hours.

7:24: 5:06 p.m. Jacob Chansley AKA the "QAnon shaman" AKA "I can't eat any beans in jail that weren't blessed by a magical wizard!" told a reporter Trump was telling them to go home because they "won the fucking day" and sent the message that if they don't do what the terrorists want, the terrorists will remove them from office one way or another. (Paraphrase.)

At around 6:00 p.m. Trump tweeted the whole "these are the things that happen" when you steal elections from Trump and his terrorists. The "You asked for it" tweet.

People had died by then, and many more were injured.

And that was the end of the Trump tweets for that day! Guess he didn't have anything on his mind.

7:29: Oh, surprise, they are quitting for the night! Jamie Raskin says we can come back tomorrow!

First Senator Mike Lee needs to bitch that he does not like how impeachment managers relayed some comments from him, God even fucking knows, Mike Lee needs to go somewhere and shut his fucking face. He says they should be stricken from the record because we're supposed to believe him or something, my God.

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7:40: And now Jamie Raskin is making life easier for everybody, withdrawing the Mike Lee thing for now, saying Mike Lee's shit is inconsequential to their case and go eat boners on a Mormon planet in hell (not his words), SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW.

Wonkette also see you all tomorrow for next liveblog!

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