London Has A New Muslim Mayor, And The Stupidest Man On The Internet Is ON IT!

You've seen one hijab, you've seen 'em all

Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet,* has once again made an ass of himself by believing some stupid bullshit from the internet, then writing his own stupid bullshit about it. As you've probably heard, over the weekend London elected its very first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, who will be barred from visiting the United States of America if Donald Trump is elected president. As Wonkette pal Charles Johnson details at Little Green Footballs, Hoft was very excited to see a Gotcha! tweet from Tommy Robinson, co-founder of the neo-fascist English Defence League, purporting to prove that the slippery Muzzie Mayor had pulled a fast one on London voters by having his wife Saadiya wear western clothes before the election, then promptly forcing her back into a hijab as soon as he was sworn in. Hoft was VERY EXCITED by this inescapable proof of Muslim duplicity:

Here’s Muslim politician Sadiq Khan with his wife before the London mayoral election.

Sadiq disputed claims that he was linked to radical Islamists during the campaign.

And here is Sadiq and his wife after the election.

Now that the votes are counted Mrs. Khan gets back in her hijab.

Just look at how the clever aliens fooled the gullible dhimmis! No wonder we're losing against ISIS! Hoft's commenters agreed; it's exactly like how that Barack HUSSEIN Obama acted like an American when he was really a half-breed Muslin.

Those "links to radical Islamists" haven't only been disputed by Khan; they've also been found lacking by real journalists.

Oh, and that shocking photo of Mrs. Khan suddenly forced back into a hijab after the election? Funny thing: It's not Saadiya Khan at all. It's Sarah Joseph, a Labour Party campaigner and media CEO who converted to Islam and does wear a hijab. She wasn't amused, at first.

Tommy Robinson, the EDL moran, deleted his tweet, which would explain why there's no copy of it on Hoft's page there. Joseph decided being caught up in some bigots' epic moment of stupid does have its funny side:

Yes, but can we be sure she didn't go with them into a bar afterward?

It took Hoft nearly a full day to catch on that he looked like an idiot and delete the article entirely, without a word of apology or correction.

Happily, screenshots are forever. Maybe someday Mr. Hoft will make it to London, where he can meet the mayor and be introduced as "The Stupidest Git on the Internet."

* We tried transferring the title to Chuck C. Johnson, who is also extremely stupid, but it simply fits Hoft better. You can't fight Google. It's like trying to call a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter anything other than "Santorum."

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