Lone Spine-Owning Democrat Congressman Saves Family From Intruder


WOOEEE here is your "hero Democrat" story, about... eh, probably the only Democrat we know of these days to just kick ass when the terrible mutants show up at his door making childish demands.  Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell cold pounced on an intruder who entered his home and tried to hold up his family:

The ski-masked robber apparently walked in an unlocked door, then confonted the Boswells’ daughter, Cindy Brown, as she carried laundry down a flight of stairs, Dody Boswell said. Cindy screamed and the man put a knife or gun to her throat and demanded money, she said.

Leonard Boswell then ran at the intruder, and all three fell onto the stairs, Dody Boswell said. As the congressman wrestled with the intruder, the Boswells’ grandson grabbed a shotgun from a nearby room, loaded it, and pointed at the attacker.

“He was about this far from the guy,” Dody Boswell said, holding her hands a few feet apart. “That guy turned around and ran.”

[Des Moines Register]


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