Loser Congressman Joe Walsh Predictably Refuses To Go Away, Weighs Run For Senate Or Governor Or DWTS Or Something

Loser Congressman Joe Walsh Predictably Refuses To Go Away, Weighs Run For Senate Or Governor Or DWTS Or Something

Check your betting slips, kids! Who had Joe Walsh (R-Camp Crystal Lake) in the betting pool for "first defeated douchecanoe to announce they're running again"? Thedeadbeat dad and shouty pantsload won the honor of leading off our "Pantheon of Fallen Heroes" series last week, and now he's pursuing the coveted Not Quite Dead status of such legendary comeback kids as Grover Cleveland, Richard Nixon, and Jason Voorhees (only time will tell whether Walsh will ever attain Joker Immunity, however). In fact, within just 12 hours of losing his House race to Tammy Duckworth by a full 10 points, Walsh was speculating that it might be fun to run for Illinois Governor, or maybe for the U.S. Senate.

In an interview with the Daily Herald ("Suburban Chicago's Information Source") following his loss to Duckworth, Walsh was asked if he'd run for governor.

You know that I believe fervently in that vision. I don’t know of many other candidates who articulate that vision. Am I going to do something? Oh gosh, I don’t know. People approach me every day and ask, “Walsh, are you going to run for the governor? Are you going to run for Senate?” I want to do my part to lead a movement to present a vision to this. I’d rather go down fighting. Democrats have ruined this state but they’ve been able to do it because the Republicans have allowed them to.

Further, asked if he might consider becoming a media pundit of some sort (on public access cable, we hope!), Walsh came as close to self-awareness as he is ever likely to, acknowledging "I’ve got a lot of flaws as a candidate" but then adding, "But I can talk to any person in everyday language." Presumably he means shouting out talking points, which he is quite good at.

And so, get ready for the Return of Joe Walsh to the pages of Your Wonkette. He really is the gift that keeps on giving. Except, of course, to his kids.

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