LOTR Nerd Blasts Your Wonkette For Disrespecting LOTR, Nerds

LOTR Nerd Blasts Your Wonkette For Disrespecting LOTR, Nerds

We didn't know it was possible for someone who reads actual books and is a nerd to have bad grammar and spelling, but apparently it is, as one of them has written us to tell us that we committed "acts of common stereotyping" inour posts detailing Christine O'Donnell's beliefs about Lord of the Rings. And then that guy "quoted" a series of racial and homophobic slurs for no reason at all. Surely that will make us feel bad for offending his non-sensical view of the world.

FROM: gr[redacted]deity@yahoo.com

TO: jack[at]wonkette.com

SUBJECT: low hanging fruit...odonnell insults.

in the article you wrote for wonkette, in which, you lampoon lord of the rings example of women for service while using its very words to prove her non-feminism completely wrong...you are committing two acts of common stereotyping.

JRR Tolkien was himself a devout catholic that knew war as a vetern very well. when speaks about it, its metaphor...but im sure its easier to laugh with the 'stuff white people like' white collar better then shit crowd. /rolls eyes.

also the last line about working in a comic book store was particularly wretched stereotyping; comic and spec-literature fans are not the same in the first place, even if they were...the thing they actually do share is a dislike for right-wing close-minded political attitudes in general because that sort of crap is exactly what they are faced on daily basis that calls them 'fag', 'spic', 'nigger', 'kike', 'geek' and so forth.

Oh, we see. Tolkein was a "vetern." So we aren't allowed to make fun of Christine O'Donnell, because metaphors.

And certainly we must apologize to the worlds of comics and "spec-literature," as they have nothing at all in common except their aversion to conservative views. Next time we see people walking past a crowd of nerds and yelling, "Ooh, look at those niggers and their precious manga!" or "Nice Boba Fett costumes, you dirty spics!," we will think of this man and his e-mail.


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