Lou Dobbs Knows What's A Soviet Nazi Propaganda Movie, And It Is Joe Biden's SOTU Speech!

It's time to talk about propaganda, and what is propaganda, and what is a Soviet Nazi movie from the 1930s.

So obviously we'll be featuring a discussion between Steve Bannon and Lou Dobbs, who was the official reigning North Korean News Lady of American television until his dumb dick got canned from Fox.

STEVE BANNON (HOST): You're an audience favorite. But everybody wants to know Lou Dobbs' take on last night, Joe Biden. Both the performance and the content, sir.

Do they, though? Does everybody want to know that?

LOU DOBBS (GUEST): Thank you very much Steve and it's great to be with you. First, as to the president's performance, it struck me that we were witnessing a propaganda movie from the 1930s, it could have been Soviet, it could have been Nazi, it was outrageous to see a president lie to the American people time after time after time.

Wait, what?

Dobbs went on to say he was pretty sure Biden was going to announce during the SOTU that he was going to "convert to the Republican Party" and that he had "decided that Donald Trump was right about everything, economics, geopolitics, and that he had decided to become an America First Trumpian Republican on top of all that!"

So that's weird. On one hand, Lou Dobbs thought Biden sounded like he was doing Soviet Nazi propaganda movies from the 1930s. But on the other hand, he thought Biden sounded like he was going to become a Republican who loves Donald Trump. Which one is it? Are those somehow the same?

Anyway, whatever Lou Dobbs was trying to say with his senile mouthface, it's definitely true that Joe Biden's State of the Union, where among other things he urged America and the world to unite against Russian war and genocide, is the real Soviet Nazi propaganda movie.

In other news, Russia is finally releasing numbers of its own casualties in Ukraine, and people are skeptical of its math. Russia says 498 have died, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this morning that they've killed up to 6,000 members of the Russian military. Who's correct? Who knows, but one American official estimated it at around 2,000 Russian casualties.

One thing's for sure, Russia's number definitely isn't artificially low for propaganda purposes, because Joe Biden is the Soviet Nazi propaganda movie.

Meanwhile, Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Kremlin-run RT — read about how life's going for them today! — appeared on Russian TV and explained what's really happening in Ukraine:

As for those who say “No to war” and are ashamed that they’re Russian, Simonyan asserted, “I am ashamed that they are my fellow citizens.”

Attempting to deny Russia’s intensifying war against Ukraine, Simonyan claimed: “Nobody is fighting against Ukrainians! We’re liberating Ukraine!” She followed up with another ludicrous claim: “No one is bombing peaceful Ukrainian cities!”

Simonyan is one of the Russians in a position to absolutely know that she's lying, but don't say she's spreading propaganda, because Joe Biden is the Soviet Nazi propaganda movie.

Some of the Russians mentioned in this next thread, which is heartbreaking, may not be personally in a position to know that state-run TV figures like Simonyan are liars:

Don't say those people are brainwashed by propaganda, though, because Joe Biden is the Soviet Nazi propaganda movie.

Or this:

OK but what about Joe Biden?

We sure are glad Lou Dobbs crawled out of whatever musty asshole he's been living inside to talk to us about propaganda, because it provided quite the set-up for this blog post.

But let's wash the Lou Dobbs and the propaganda off here at the end.

Here are some Ukrainians talking to Russian soldiers and just generally being badasses, telling the Russian soldiers what's gonna happen to them now that they are in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's defense ministry is — we are not shitting you — putting out a call to Russian mothers to come fetch their sons what have been captured by Ukrainians, giving them instructions on Facebook on how to come to Kyiv and pick them up.

"Mama! Your [prisoner of war] son is waiting for you!" the defense ministry wrote on a flyer posted to Facebook on Wednesday. "Ukraine has made the decision to return POW to their mothers if they come to Ukraine." [...]

"We ask you to deliver this message to the thousands of miserable Russian mothers, whose sons have been captured in Ukraine," the defense ministry wrote in the Facebook post.

They went on to explain that "We, Ukrainian people, in contrast to Putin's fascists do not make war with mothers and their captured sons."

Will the message get through to Russian mothers? Or is there too much Joe Biden State of the Union speech between the Ukrainians and the Russian moms?

Maybe Lou Dobbs can tell us.

[Media Matters / Insider / Daily Beast]

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