Louie Gohmert: Cancelling Bigot Twins' TV Show Leads To Nazi Female Genital Mutilation

Louie Gohmert has just about had it with these intolerant gheys and liberals and all their fascism, because he sees where it's inevitably headed:Nazi concentration camps and female genital mutilation, probably. He knows this, because psychology.

In a somewhat-less-than-focused speech to the House Friday, Gohmert explained that conservative Christians' rights are being violated like crazy because of "intellectual fascism" that forced HGTV to cancel that dumb real estate show with the gay-hater twins and also forced Brandeis University to rescind an honorary degree it was planning to give Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has criticized Islamic fundamentalism. Louie Gohmert thinks that means feminists love female genital mutilation, and also the raping of families, because of course he does.

Now, with this new intellectual fascism that has arisen in our universities, some of them -- far too many of them, actually -- say: ‘If you disagree with our position, we don’t want you here. We want you eliminated. We don’t want you to have work. We want your family defiled. We just don’t want you to succeed in any way whatsoever ...

We see these kinds of receptions for conservatives, for Judeo-Christian believers and followers, people eliminated from being on television because they hold the view espoused by Moses and by Jesus of marriage being between a man and a woman.

We were not quite aware that so much was riding on an honorary degree or a reality TV house-lust show! You see, says Gohmert, the liberals, in the name of "tolerance," are actually discriminating against good decent people who just want to talk endlessly about how buttsex will ruin America. It is just so very much like the Nazis, he said, fulfilling his pledge to use a Nazi analogy at least once a week:

First, they would call people haters and evil and would build up disdain for those people who held those opinions or religious views or religious heritages ... Then next came: "Those people are so evil and hateful, so let’s bring every book that they have written or has to do with them, and let’s start burning the books because we can’t tolerate their intolerance.”

Oh! We think we see Mr. Gohmert's problem! Mr. Gohmert's problem is that he genuinely doesn't know a single fucking thing about Nazi Germany, which never considered "tolerance" a virtue or "intolerance" a vice. The actual Nazis, Mr. Gohmert may be delighted to know, had no trouble at all proclaiming that "Jewish" or "anti-Christian" or "non-Aryan" thoughts were just plain intolerable -- they burned books that they thought were actually too tolerant. Glad we could clear this up.

Anyways, Gohmert knows where all this liberal paranoia and censorship comes from, because when he was a judge in Texas, sometimes he'd take a break from wrapping defendants' heads in duct tape and he'd learn a thing or two about the modern science of headology, from practicing psychopaths or whatever they are:

As shrinks testified before me during my days as a judge, it was called projecting. Someone who has a characteristic and to divert condemnation on themselves, they project their characteristic on someone with whom they disagree -- so the most intolerant in America ... those who are the most hate-filled, who do not follow the teachings of Jesus, seek to impose or to project upon those of us who are Christians -- and some orthodox Jews and even atheists or secularists, like Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- their own hate, their own intolerance. We really need to understand what is going on.

That's right. Louie Gohmert is complaining that people are projecting about intolerance by being intolerant of his intolerance.

Then somehow, tolerance, or intolerant fascism, or some goddamn thing, got connected to female genital mutilation, which is apparently something that liberals are for now. Probably all those feminists, don't you think?

It is not tolerance that becomes intolerant and says a woman who was tortured -- I don’t know what else you would call some of the procedures that were done to her most private areas in the name of religion ... It was not voluntary. She was ordered into a marriage she wanted no part of. She did not want to have to be covered up and stay in a back room and never own property and never drive. She kind of thought, like most of us do in America -- except for the intolerant fascist liberals -- that, "Gee, women ought to be able to own property, we ought to be able to marry whom we wish, we ought to be able to espouse our own views without being called hatemongers.”

No, no, put your jaw back on your face: Louie Gohmert doesn't mean everyone should marry whom they wish, don't be ridiculose.

That last bit is apparently also proof that because Brandeis withdrew the offer of an honor to Ali, then all liberals agree with the fundamentalist Muslims who pressured the school into withdrawing it. Frankly, we haven't seen any liberals saying, "Yay, good show, Brandeis, we need sharia law now!" but maybe there are some? As an atheist, yr. Dok Zoom thinks her opposition to Islam is a good thing -- on the other hand, some of her fans think it's wonderful because they're Christian fundamentalists who just lurve anything that bashes Islam. Note to Mr. Gohmert: Liberals do not love radical Islam. We just aren't terrified of halal Campbell's soup is all.

Here's the whole sorry mess:

Does Gohmert manage to find a connection to Benghazi? You bet your sweet ass he does, right around the 14-minute mark. He also condemns the kidnapping of Nigerian girls by Boko Haram, which apparently he thinks liberals are in favor of. We would say more, but we feel the need to drink heavily while pounding our head with a mallet.


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