Lucky Charms Totally Gonna Make Everyone Gay All Over Again This Year


It's Pride Month, which means that it is time for us to talk yet again about how General Mills cereals are super duper gay. In 2012, we had some real heroes protest General Mills's headquarters because they did not wish for the gays to burn in hell. In 2013, WND had to cry conserva-tears over the fact that Lucky Charms did a gay-loving ad. We're sure they're ramping up to cry hot thick tears of sadness again, because it's time for that leprechaun cereal to get all gay again.

The whole campaign comes with the same sugary (PUN TOTALLY INTENDED) hashtag, #LuckyToBe, complete with a Tumblr aggregating all the tweets that use the tag, which normally would make us at least mildly irritated, but this isn't supposed to be goddamn Dostoyevsky or Byron or some shit. It's a fucking marshmallow cereal with a cartoon leprechaun, so just go with it, OK? Soon all your cereals will be gay, because that's the very easiest way to ram the gay down your throat. It's like your mom always said: A spoonful of sugar makes the homosexxican go down.


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