Luke Russert Is Boston Bombing's Edward R. Murrow


Doughy-cheeked nepotism hire (andWonket coffee-mug model) Luke Russert is a big-time journamalist who knows how to cut through the chaff and get to the live beating heart of a news story. So as the crazy events played out overnight in Boston, with the Boston PD and federal agents engaged in a running gun battle with possible suspects in the marathon bombing and other reporters raced to the scene to send out updates while dodging gunfire, Luke was right there with them several hundred miles away, risking his mom’s wrath by staying up well past his bedtime to suss out the important facts in this big event. It is hard to believe such a larger-than-life media personality only costs NBC a six-figure salary and all the juice boxes he wants.

Let us journey down the river of darkness that is this horrible week in New England, our hearts strengthened only by the fortitude of our guide:

And 67 minutes later:

And 32 minutes after that:

Luke Russert, ladies and gentleman. Bringing important perspective and thoughtful insight to the news, one hundred and forty characters at a time.

[Luke Russert's Big-Boy Twitter!]


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