Lupe Fiasco Absolutely Not Bound And Gagged By Management For Tweeting Marxist Stuff


Nothing says "good judgment" like when a celebrity starts a conversation about Marxism on a Twitter feed! This is what skateboard rapper Lupe Fiasco found out last night, as he tried to have an in-depth discussion -- 140 characters at a time -- about the means of production, the theoretical value of labor, and the relationship of class struggle to social change. How did this go? Pretty well, actually, until his management took over and advised everyone to shut up and go away. On the plus side, now we know what the ACTUAL Muslim Communist agenda looks like:

Except, you know what? All of this talk about "work," and "society," and "capital" was taking the focus off buying stuff, so his management quickly stepped in to assure fans that while Lupe Fiasco was NOT BEING CENSORED, and NOT BEING KICKED OFF TWITTER, he wouldn't be Tweeting because he accidentally "miscommunicated" that he occasionally thinks, talks, and reads about Marxism. And as every good Amercian knows, thoughts, discussions, and books can be dangerous, ESPECIALLY when they are about Marxism.

Lupe Fiasco wants his fans to all know, however, that he was not "kicked off" Twitter by management, or "censored."


Who would say such a thing? Who indeed.

[H/T Reddit]


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