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Carly Fiorina is doing that thing again, the thing that always happens when she opens her mouth. Yes, she is lying! But what things is she saying so far, now that she is Ted Cruz's "running mate" who will be his "vice president" when he becomes "president"? Is she saying Trump and Hillary EAT PLANNED PARENTHOOD BABY PARTS AND SHE HAS SEEN THE VIDEO? Not yet!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Here are some lies Carly said to the "Fox & Friends" idiot cesspool Thursday morning, about how she USED to think Ted Cruz was a foreign-born Canadian usurper who only recently started to actually love America, but now she doesn't think that anymore:

In a heated basketball game, since we're in the Hoosier state, players foul each other sometime. In the heat of a political campaign, sometimes you say things that turn out not to be true. Listen ...

Oops, sometimes Carly Fiorina lies about stuff, just like in basketball games, YOLO, whatcha gonna do about it? Of course we're very curious to know which one is the lie! Was she lying about how Ted Cruz is a Canadian-Cuban scum-fart? Actually, our Wonkette factchecker says that's 100% true. So her saying she's changed her mind, we're going to guess that's the BIG STINKING LIE.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]When Carly endorsed Ted Cruz, she lied by saying Trump and Hillary are "two sides of the same coin." This was funny for a couple reasons! For one thing, way back in the olden timey days of 2008, Carly Fiorina had a MAJOR ladyboner for Hillary Clinton. But that was then, before Carly realized her vagina was at least a million times greater than Hillary's vagina.

It's also funny because Carly also went on the "Morning Joe" program Thursday, and she offered this hilarious lie about Donald Trump, as flagged by Mediaite:

As I said, the week he announced his candidacy, way back in June of 2015, he doesn’t represent me and he doesn’t represent my party.

Did that even happen? Mediaite's Tommy Christopher says LOL GO FUCK YOURSELF CARLY and also no, that did not happen. In fact, Christopher went on the internet and found MULTIPLE videos of Carly saying Trump is the bee's tits. Here's a choice quote she said to wingnut Hugh Hewitt, back THEN:

I think he’s hitting on issues that Americans care about. Americans clearly believe the economy isn’t growing quickly enough … they’re worried and afraid about what’s going on the in the world, not just ISIS, but other issues as well. They realize China has turned into an adversary. They’re concerned about border security. These are, I think, real issues.

You really should read Mediaite's ENTIRE "follow Carly's bouncing lies about Trump" thing, because boy howdy and shoe horns and suck a penis, she's a goddamned liar.

But you already knew that.

[Talking Points Memo / Mediaite]

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