Madison Cawthorn Almost Perfect At Driving With Legal Driver's License

Madison Cawthorn Almost Perfect At Driving With Legal Driver's License

We've noted before at Wonkette that one of America's most seditionist congressmen, Madison Cawthorn, also appears to be maybe not the brightest boy.

There's just something about him. He doesn't seem smart.

He's very young, of course, and maybe he isn't a very responsible boy. So that may be factoring in here. Maybe he just needs to mature a little bit, catch up to the other kids his age.

How else can you explain this article in the Asheville Citizen Times?

Headline: Madison Cawthorn charged with driving with revoked license for 2nd time; court dates set


Oh man, we feel a Red Forman .gif coming on ...


See if you can keep up here.

Cawthorn, a sitting Republican congressman (for however much longer that lasts), has been "charged with driving with a revoked license, a misdemeanor that carries up to 20 days in jail." As that headline above suggests, this is the second time he has been charged with this. The last one was in 2017, but the paper says it was dismissed.

He was pulled over for this in Cleveland County, North Carolina. But the paper says he's also got two outstanding speeding tickets in two other counties.

The first of the traffic stops for the speeding citations happened on Oct. 18 on Interstate 40 near Swannanoa in Buncombe County. A trooper said Cawthorn was going 89 mph in a 65-mph zone.

In Polk, a trooper stopped Cawthorn on Jan. 8 on U.S. 74 after saying he clocked him at 87 mph in a 70-mph zone.

Was young Madison equipped with a grown-up driver's license on those days? The highway patrol spokesperson could not provide that information to the newspaper.

Also, 89 in a 65? Grow up, little buddy. Nobody's impressed.

So that's the late breaking news on Madison Cawthorn.

We tried to see if there was any more Cawthorn news that was really worth sharing with you, and of course came up dry. But here's a thing on his Insta where he's talking to the House of Representatives and quoting Toby Keith, so if you ever wanted to know what it sounds like when a guy who is Ben Shapiro's voice twin talks about such things, this Instagram video is your porn:


He should say that next time an officer asks him for his license and registration.

[Asheville Citizen Times]

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