Marco Rubio Hopes Pope Remembers To Tell Joe Biden That Transgender People Are Gross!

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Marco Rubio Hopes Pope Remembers To Tell Joe Biden That Transgender People Are Gross!

President Joe Biden is gassing up the Trans Am for a road trip to Europe today, and as presidents often do on trips like this in their first year, he will be meeting Pope Francis. That'll be happening tomorrow, to be specific; according to Politico Playbook, Biden is wheels down in Rome at 8:10 US American Eastern Time, which is "time" in Europe time.

Our point being, GOP Senator Marco Rubio, the one who constantly posts inane Bible verses he couldn't correctly explain if you paid him, has high hopes for what the pope and President Biden will discuss during their short time together, and he is hoping it includes how Marco Rubio thinks transgender people are gross and yucky and he does not like them.

Florida Politics reports:

When President Joe Biden has an audience Friday with Pope Francis, one Republican lawmaker hopes that the right not to hire "transsexual" teachers is among the topics discussed.

Oh yeah, top of agenda.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio told a national television audience Wednesday he hopes the leader of the Roman Catholic Church tells Biden that faith-based schools are being "targeted" in a "federal takeover of Pre-K and child care."

"So if someone shows up and they're an atheist, you have to hire them. If someone shows up and they're anti-Catholic and you're a Catholic school, they can't discriminate on the basis of that. Not to mention if they're transsexual or lives a lifestyle that goes contrary to the teachings of the church," Rubio said. "I hope things like that, religious liberties in the United States, are an issue that he raises."

This happened on Newsmax, where the serious people make serious news, and people still say "transsexual," we guess. Marco Rubio just hopes the pope gets Joe Biden alone in a room and says "NOW ABOUT TRANS PEOPLE."

Florida Politics reports that the host, who was apparently loudmouth idiot Sean Spicer, asked Rubio about abortion, but Rubio was much more focused on transgender people, or as the religious Right euphemistically calls any issue involving discriminating against trans people, "'religious liberty." He just really needs the pope to tell Biden that schools should be able to discriminate against people Marco Rubio doesn't like.

This is just some argle bargle, feel free to skip reading this block quote:

[Rubio] seemed more focused on asserting that Pope Francis should wade into the ongoing policy debate in Washington, asserting the right of schools to "discriminate" for the sake of "religious liberties here in the United States."

"I don't know what he will raise privately. What I can tell you that I am very concerned about however is that the church, and not just the Catholic Church but faith communities in the United States, are being targeted to not speak out about these issues here in our country. As an example, as part of this bill they're trying to put out there, there's going to be a federal takeover of Pre-K and child care," Rubio said.

"And what it's going to say, according to the House bill they've already passed on this, is that if you're a faith-based organization and you want to participate in what will be a Universal Pre-K Child Care federal program. You won't be able to teach about your faith and you cannot apply the teachings of your faith to your hiring practices," Rubio added, before lamenting an inability to "discriminate" on the aforementioned subjective criteria.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, bored with dumb little bigot Marco Rubio now, the end.

[Florida Politics / h/t Joe.My.God]

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