Marco Rubio Wishes Kurds Would Be Better Sports About Impending Genocide
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As US troops pulled out of the Kurdish Syrian regional capital of Qamishli, local residents pelted their armored vehicles with rotting potatoes and other refuse, cursing their former allies as cowards. Thank God for US Senator Marco Rubio, who on Twitter Monday took the opportunity to say he felt bad for the Kurds and all, but did they have to be so unkind to the Americans abandoning them to the tender mercies of Turkish forces coming to wipe them out?

No, really, this is what Rubio considers taking the moral high ground. Just lecturing some people facing a genocidal removal campaign to please keep a civil tongue and show some gratitude to our brave American troops.

We'll give Rubio this much credit: He didn't offer the Kurds a Bible verse. At least we don't think this tweet, from several hours earlier, was aimed at them.

Are you not comforted?

The Guardian reports that as the convoy of about 100 US military vehicles made its way to the Iraqi border, it competed for road space with heavy refugee traffic, "cars full of families crammed with their possessions. They too were leaving for Iraq, where the uncertainty of exile awaited." Oh, yes, of course Trump's lying: The Troops aren't "coming home," they're being repositioned in Iraq, where they may end up fighting a resurgent ISIS following the US abandonment of northern Syria.

The Associated Press has further detail on the very rude Kurds, who clearly just needed to think a little more about what fine people our troops are:

A video by the Kurdish news agency showed a convoy of armored vehicles driving through the northeastern city of Qamishli. People in the street hurled potatoes at the vehicles, shouting, "No America," and "America liar," in English.

"Like rats, America is running away," one man shouted in Arabic. Another shouted obscenities and talked of babies in Kurdish-held areas who have died in the Turkish offensive.

At the White House Monday, the great American strategic genius who made all this happen explained, yet again, that he'd had enough of the stupid Kurds, and just because they lost 11,000 fighters defeating the ISIS caliphate and taking thousands of ISIS prisoners, that doesn't mean the US owes the greedy Kurds anything.

Trump defended the withdrawal decision saying, "we never agreed to protect the Kurds for the rest of their lives."

"We helped the Kurds. And we never gave the Kurds a commitment that we'd stay for the next 400 years and protect them," he added.

Some of the silly Kurds just don't see the big picture at all, which is that Donald Trump is the smartest man around. And if they want protection, they should become an oil or coal company, ideally in a swing state. The Guardian spoke to one ungrateful Kurdish man who, we must note, cannot even vote for Donald Trump and is therefore of little use to him.

"People are angry, and they have every right to be angry with the way Americans left them on the battlefield," said Khalil Omar, 56, a shopkeeper, in Qamishli. "They are angry because they feel like they are tricked and taken for a fool for these past years.

"We sent our children with them to fight Isis, and they abandoned us. Betrayal is hard to get over, and I hope we'll remember this for the future. America knows the people who are murdering people on the roads very well, but they chose to turn a blind eye, and now they are walking away from all of it. True friends don't walk away in hard times."

Ah, but false friends do it all the time. Get over it, sucker. America is great again, and the free ride -- with 11,000 deaths -- is over. Also, bummer about the kids, but this administration doesn't really care, do u? NBC's Richard Engel notes this is not a minor issue.

Donald Trump would like a victory parade, please.

Turkey's foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, warned Monday that if all Kurdish fighters with Syrian Democratic Forces had not left the "safe zone" Turkey declared inside northern Syria by the end of the five-day "pause" in the fighting, Turkey would get back to warring against them.

"There are 35 hours left," he said. "If [the Kurdish forces] do not withdraw, our operation will continue. That's what we agreed with the Americans."

That ceasefire ends today. Strangely, Marco Rubio hasn't said anything about the foreign minister's decidedly unfriendly tone. Then again, Cavusoglu was only talking about massacring an ethnic minority, not insulting brave American troops.

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