A rather chilling report came out in the Washington Post last night, that the feds are worried QAnon insurgents might be trying to infiltrate the National Guard for tomorrow's inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. That's on top of worries about actual insider attacks by QAnon terrorists who actually are part of law enforcement and the Guard. There aren't specific threats, but the FBI has been paying attention to chatter. So either they are totally on top of this, or they aren't. Wheeeeee!

Over on Fox Business, Boxwine 2.0 AKA Maria Bartiromo, who is getting her own primetime Fox News show to spread her crazy and who has been more committed than most to spreading Trump's fascist Big Lie about winning an election he actually lost, has a theory about that report and what REALLY happened on January 6.

Transcript via Media Matters:

MARIA BARTIROMO (ANCHOR): Well, security in the nation's capital is at an unprecendented level this morning ahead of the inauguration tomorrow. A new report says that some far-right protesters have discussed posing as members of the National Guard to infiltrate the inauguration — the way Democrats infiltrated two weeks ago and put on MAGA clothing.

Oh yes, the Democrats in MAGA pants.

What, did you guys not see all those people at the last Indivisible meeting? How excited they were to put on MAGA underpants and MAGA shirts and pretend to be real MAGAs, so they could make real Trump supporters look bad by attacking the Capitol?

Like the Oath Keeper leader the FBI arrested in Virginia this morning and charged with conspiracy. And the Maryland white supremacist wearing the Proud Boys shirt who got caught because his ankle monitor went off, on account of how he's on parole right now. And the guy who organized the "Straight Pride" parade in Boston, arrested today. And Riley June Williams, who the FBI arrested today, who stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop and allegedly wanted to sell it to Russian intelligence. And the Texas Trumper real estate life coach lady who only went because the hottest guy messaged her on Facebook but anyway he hooked up with somebody else at the rally but she stormed the Capitol anyway, seemed fun, did we mention "life coach"? Oh yeah, and the QAnon shaman one, with the hilarious dietary needs.

Or as we know them, Dave, Carl, Lexie, Princess Antifa of the Fort Worth Antifas, and Biff. All the Democrats know those guys and gals. And all the others. Obviously.

We were surprised some of them were so dedicated to the cause, they put Halloween teeth over their real teeth to make them look like they had meth mouth. "It'll be more convincing, we'll look like real Trump supporters," said the Democrat infiltrators.

Jesus Christ.

Media Matters sends us to this very good article in the Los Angeles Times about how the terrorists so far nabbed represent a "broad cross section of Trump supporters," people who have all been taken in by the Big Lie propagated by Trump and spread by domestic enemies like Maria Bartiromo on Fox. Even after the Capitol riots, Bartiromo was still spreading the Big Lie.

And now she's spreading another one, telling all those Trump terrorists who think they're patriots that actually all the jail time headed their way was for nothing, apparently, because the REAL Capitol attackers were Democrats in MAGA jumpers.

You betcha.

[Media Matters]

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