Marjorie Taylor Greene Sure Understands Both Epidemiology And Communism

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Sure Understands Both Epidemiology And Communism

Yesterday, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene debuted her latest conspiracy theory on Twitter, about how this whole vaccine thing is really about purging the military, police force and other organizations of "patriots," for the purpose of installing a communist dictatorship (which, by the way, is an oxymoron). This is just the latest front in her multi-pronged effort to find a narrative that tells the story she wants about vaccines and Democrats.

The absolute DRAMA of this woman. What is it even like inside her head?

Now, I understand that many people feel it is barely worth it to factcheck Marjorie Taylor Greene, as she is a ridiculous person, and that doing so is in fact harmful because "she just wants attention" and attention is magic, yadda yadda yadda. I happen to think that given the vast number of people who believe this kind of rhetoric is "based," it's worthwhile to do so every once in a while. Just to cover our bases.

First of all, Trump supporters are not being purged from any of these organizations. That's not a thing. What is a thing are various studies — at least one of which was conducted by the Pentagon — showing how white nationalists and violent extremists have infiltrated the police and the military for the purpose of recruiting and getting training for their Helter Skelter race wars. I would be the first to admit that there is a lot of crossover between Trump supporters and these types, and fully assume that the National Guard/Atomwaffen member referenced in the Pentagon study was a very big fan of DJT. However I am also fair-minded enough to understand that not all Trump supporters are there yet.

The unvaxxed are being "purged" from some of these organizations for the same reason the unvaxxed have been "purged" from these organizations since the very dawn of vaccines. Communicable diseases are a threat to national security and have always been considered as such. See, for example, this poster suggesting that Air Force members exposing themselves to a venereal disease without "taking a pro" (wearing a condom) are saboteurs, declaring, "Whether or not you get a venereal disease, you still are gambling with the freedom of your country by your carelessness."

I was unable to find posters encouraging servicemembers to get vaccines, because not getting a required vaccine has never been an option for servicemembers. George Washington even required that the Continental Army be inoculated against smallpox, as the vaccine had not yet been developed. So all these people claiming they are the "three percent" who would have risen up against the British are 100 percent full of shit (as is that number; about 15 percent of the country actively served in the Revolutionary War). It would have been more like, "Oh gosh, I'd love to fuck with King George's shit, but I'm pretty sure inoculation is the mark of the beast. Whoops!"

Greene hypothesized that the purpose of requiring vaccines in the armed forces, the police, and other agencies, is "weeding out those who would stop or rise up in the ranks against communist control."

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene under the impression that, outside of this whole vaccination thing, the US Military is otherwise a major epicenter for individualism? Because a very big part of the job, in almost any military career, is "following orders." It's not really a "Hey, let's just give all of these people guns and then let them do whatever they want" kind of situation. One would even imagine that it would be the job of recruiters to weed out people who might be looking to overthrow the United States government.

But let's revisit this part: "The purge is a critical piece to the Communist Revolution in America."

We can't even get, like, the most basic social programs passed because even many Democrats cry "Oh no! Communism!" and duck and cover under their desks at the mere mention of them, but we're gonna do a whole ass Communist Revolution? That totally tracks.

Purging their political opponents and anyone who won't comply with their authoritarian demands are essential moves in communist countries.

The authoritarian demands are coming from inside the Republican party. Wanting to force people to work with and among people who are unvaccinated is authoritarian in nature.

(For the record, there have never been any truly communist countries, and if there were, there would not be a government in them. Communism would be a stateless society in which humanity had evolved to not require government as we now understand it.)

After all, they can't eventually use force on the people unless they fully control the enforcers. It requires weeding out those that would stop or rise up in the ranks against communist control. In other words, real Patriots.

Pretty sure "real Patriots" are not selfish assholes who don't care if their fellow soldiers live or die.

When the days come where the ruling regime, the propaganda media, and the elites declare that the American Patriot is the enemy and the intelligence agencies hunt Patriots because they are labeled domestic terrorists then every American should take heed bc communism will kill us.

Again, it is unclear how spreading a contagious virus, potentially threatening military readiness, is so fabulously patriotic. Or how preventing that spread, and thereby preventing deaths, is a form of communism that will kill us.

Perhaps ironically, all the agencies Greene is so upset "patriots" will be purged from are in fact socialist programs. They are paid for, by us, through our taxes, collectively. They are not owned by a private entity, but rather, technically, by the people. Despite the best efforts of the Right, the United States is still a mixed economy, meaning that it has both socialist and capitalist elements — not as many socialist elements as other countries have, but some. Just as there has never been a purely communist state or even a purely socialist state, there has never been a purely capitalist state. The closest there has ever been to one was Pinochet-era Chile, and even that wasn't pure free market capitalism.

So any "patriot" who doesn't want to mess with socialism really shouldn't be looking into employment in any field in which their salary is paid for by taxes. They may want to consider employment in the thrilling world of private security.

I've got a bonkers conspiracy theory of my own, however, and it is that Marjorie Taylor Greene, rather than being a dyed-in-the-wool conservative Republican "patriot," is in fact a Marxist accelerationist.

I don't actually think that's true, but the fact is, doing things the Marjorie Taylor Greene way would be a much faster road to a Marxist revolution than any vaccine program or "purge of dissidents." Though I would like to note who it is going around wearing "Free Helicopter Rides" t-shirts, and it's not those of us on the Left. There is a reason there was an uprising in the Soviet Union, where people were fucking poor and miserable and really, really pissed off at the Romanovs, rather than in Norway, where people are basically OK. There is a reason why Otto von Bismarck instituted universal healthcare, and it wasn't because he really cared about people and their health. He did it to stem the rising tide of communism and socialism. Because when people are super miserable, the more appealing more "radical" ideologies become. Duh.

I'd love to suggest that Marjorie Taylor Greene do a bit more reading about the history of why the United States military requires personnel to be vaccinated, or about "What is or is not communism," but we know that's never going to happen.

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