Marsha Blackburn Thought Yesterday Was A Great Day To Yell About China

Marsha Blackburn Thought Yesterday Was A Great Day To Yell About China

Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost 4000 hate crimes have been reported against Asian-Americans — presumably because racist people are not very smart and think people of of various Asian ethnicities residing in the United States somehow personally invented the pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China.

On Tuesday, an otherwise very holy white boy had a bad day and decided to go and murder eight people in Korean spas near and far; six of his victims were Asian women. While Robert Aaron Long and the police who have investigated the case all say that this was about his "sexual addiction" and had nothing to do with race, it is well-understood that sexism and racism are frequent comorbidities.

And then on Wednesday afternoon, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted this nonsense.

I realize we are talking about Marsha Blackburn here, but who could possibly see this news and think to themselves "You know what I should bring up right now?" What about that felt appropriate? It almost seems as if she really wants us to know, on a day the country was talking about that nice Christian boy and how he killed all the people, whose side she is on.

But that couldn't be right.

Now, let's just say this was just coincidentally the worst timing ever; let's even pretend Blackburn's was a factually correct statement. What would actually be gained by the Biden administration saying "China is responsible for this virus!" Is it just that it would make Marsha Blackburn feel good?

Was the virus first identified in Wuhan, China? Sure! Does that mean the entire country of China is responsible for it? No, because that would be absurd. At least in China they believed it was a virus and not part of Bill Gates's evil plan to put the Mark of the Beast on everyone.

I mean, if you want to talk about who handled this shit better ...

Even if China is not being 100 percent honest about their COVID-19 data, as American Intelligence officials suspected last spring, it's fairly obvious Trump's constant cries of "China Virus" and "Wuhan Flu" didn't do a thing to abate the spread here. In fact, the only thing they did likely do was increase resentment and anger towards Asian-Americans among his supporters — leading obviously and directly to the increase in hate crimes we are now seeing.

It also led to Trump supporters sending horrifically racist voicemails to Congresswoman Grace Meng, after she sponsored a resolution condemning anti-Asian racism.

There is no correlation, regardless of what Blackburn thinks, between stoking resentment against China for factually untrue things and "standing up" to China, in whatever capacity it is that she thinks that needs to be done. I don't think we need to blame the entire country for COVID-19, but I feel perfectly fine saying that their sweatshops are horrific and that American companies should not be allowed to do their manufacturing there or sell things manufactured there until that is no longer an issue and things like "labor activists being 'disappeared' for looking into Ivanka Trump's shoe sweatshop of doom" are no longer happening. I also feel fine saying they need to free Tibet. See how easy that is? It's almost as if you can criticize a country's policies without being a weird racist asshole about it and getting people harassed, assaulted or killed.


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