Mary L. Trump Confirms Donald Trump Jr. Is Stupidest In Family, Also Very Weak

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Mary L. Trump Confirms Donald Trump Jr. Is Stupidest In Family, Also Very Weak

These days it's important to differentiate between things experts actually don't have any real disagreement on — for instance, whether people should get their fucking COVID shots — and things where there is legitimate room for discussion, where scientists can come to wildly different conclusions about the same data set, prompting further study. A prime example of that kind of issue is the question of which Trump spawn is the stupidest.

Some people say "Eric" and we contend that is incorrect, but we believe the people who say that are well-meaning.

Maybe some people say "Ivanka" and that is DEFINITELY incorrect, and people who say that are not even paying attention.

We have always said it was big old dumbface Junior, though, and we are glad that Mary L. Trump, who is their cousin, and who recently correctly pointed out that Donald Trump Sr. is a "fucking loser," has settled the question once and for all.

For science.

Appearing on this week's episode of the "UnPresidented" podcast, Mary Trump, a psychologist who has written a book critical of former President Trump, referred to her cousin Donald Trump Jr. as "weak" and "the stupidest one" in her family.

She is a psychologist and a member of the family. She knows what makes these people tick.

"Donnie is a deeply unintelligent person. I've been asked this, who's the stupidest one, and it's him," Mary Trump said.

We have always been able to tell. It's easy if you just look at him. Do you really think Eric is stupider than this guy?

This guy?

Mary L. Trump continued:

"He has no core. He has no ideology," she added, before saying her cousin has an ability to "out-racism anybody, he'll out-misogyny anybody, he'll shoot as many innocent animals as possible to get whatever passes for affection in my family."

Yep, sounds like the Junior we make fun of A LOT around here. Most of our meanest jokes are about how he's so obviously been deprived of warmth and human touch and the love of his earthly father since an early age.

The Hill notes for journalism purposes that Mary L. Trump has also said in the past that Eric Trump is a "moron." This is not a blog post about how science has made the surprising discovery that Eric is smart.

To finish this out, let's see if Junior's posted any memes lately that confirm the thesis that he is a weak, stupid, rudderless, wannabe try-hard whose every waking breath is mostly about trying to win affection from Daddy that will never, ever come.

Oh how sad, that is not even remotely what his father looks like.

To be fair, though, it might be what his father looked like the last time his father hugged him.

Oh well anyway, open thread!

[The Hill]

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