Maryland School Board Idiots Pretty Sure Pride Flags Are Gateway Flags For Harder Flags

This is one of those stories where you'll feel like you've read it before, like maybe in 1996. And you probably did. But conservatives are regressing and their brains are atrophying, so here in 2022, in the middle of their yelping freakouts over grooming and Disney heroes Mickey Mouse and Pluto 69-ing their way through the Magic Kingdom, we have a good old traditional story about a school board in Maryland what got its whole throat crammed with Pride flags.

That's right, baby, throatcramming is BACK! Remember when that word was in like nine out of 10 Wonkette headlines?

Fox News (who else) has the story of what's happening in Carroll County, Maryland, which is not one of the civilized parts of Maryland. This is a part that voted for Donald Trump, so, you know, total armpit section of the state. And the school board is having to get a new policy on flags, now that a bunch of gay flags bullied all the teachers. Under the new proposed policy, the only flags allowed will be the American flag, the state flag and the county flag, because those flags aren't bullies.

The vote last week came after a collection of small rainbow Pride flags was donated to Carroll County Public Schools by the Westminster chapter of PFLAG, a national LGBTQ group, and schools staff members were encouraged to display them as support for the LGBTQ community.

PFLAG gave them some flags. And the flags started bullying everybody into being nice to LGBTQ people. How upsetting.

Caitlin Edmondson, a Carroll County parent, told Fox News Digital that she found the effort "very concerning."

"The pride flags that are being forced upon teachers do not solely represent the gay community. They also represent gender identity and transgender ideology," she said. "As a parent of a 6-year-old in CCPS, it is very concerning that anyone would think it is OK to push these agendas on our youngest and most vulnerable."

Also "very concerning." The flags being "forced upon teachers."

Oh fuck off.

Superintendent Steven Lockard said during Wednesday’s board meeting that the flags were available to any staff member who wanted one and were not forced upon anyone. School board members, however, said some teachers felt "bullied" into displaying the flag out of political pressure and that the flag violates the district’s recently revised political neutrality policy.

Awwww, the teachers felt "bullied."

Is that like the bullying that LGBTQ kids experience at the hands of rightwing conservative Christian assholes, which causes depression and suicide, or is this a different kind of bullying that just makes people bitch to Fox News reporters a lot? Indeed, as The New Civil Rights Movement points out, a parent stood up at this very meeting to note that this whole controversy over a few damned Pride flags is contributing to a hostile environment for LGBTQ kids, and that "Any youth in this county who’s LGBTQ who commits suicide, that is on you."

These garbage humans didn't care.

"Our students are a captive audience and as such need to be protected from all political agendas, both from the right and the left," school board member Donna Sivigny said during the meeting. "I also respect the rights of teachers to work in a non-hostile work environment, deliver an effective lesson and support all kids in the best way that they can, but we require that they do it in a politically neutral way that creates a safe space for every student in our schools. However, many teachers have reached out to me saying that they've been pressured or bullied to put flags in their classroom, and that's a problem that needs to be addressed."

Golly, these teachers just telling all the board members their (tall) tales about getting "bullied."

"These flags were shoved down teachers’ throats to put on their desk – that’s not inclusive," added school board President Kenneth Kiler. "That’s not the way it ought to be."

A good old fashioned throat-crammin'!

"What this does is open up a gateway for other flags to come into our schools that other people will not like," said school board member Tara Battaglia. "We’ve already banned the Confederate flag, and that was done a couple of years ago. … The premise behind the Pride flag was social advocacy ... which is political."

Gateway flags.

You also won't be surprised to learn that some weirdass groups with names like "Concerned Parents of Carroll County" and the local chapter of "Moms For Liberty" are part of this.

It's horrifying that any of these people whining about getting "bullied" or having flags shoved down their throats are allowed anywhere near the education of children. They are clearly absolute morons.

[Fox News]

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