He thinks he looks like Elton John. We think he looks like James O'Keefe in a bad wig.

James O'Keefe, the doofus who likes to play dress-up and then see if he can persuade low-level liberal operatives to go along with vaguely shady ideas, has a brand new shock video out, exposing Hillary Clinton's nefarious plans to take all Americans' guns!!!!! Or at least maybe if you really put the worst possible spin on some things some people at a Democratic fundraiser said, it might sound like that. Which isn't hard, because if a Democrat says "Tut-tut. Looks like rain," wingnuts hear "I want to abolish the Second Amendment."

We found out about the new shocking video when O'Keefe's "Project Veritas" (that's Latin for "a small hairless rodent") showed up in our Twitter feed with this teasing taunt, suggesting they had at long last triumphed over our lefty lies:

Well of course we remembered that! A really clumsy O'Keefe wannabe, Allison Maas, tried to volunteer at a Russ Feingold for Senate office, but was immediately recognized as a former College Republican by someone who'd also gone to the University of Minnesota, and was asked to leave before she even got up to any good Spy Girl antics. It also turned out that she and some pals had clumsily failed to infiltrate a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Iowa, too, completely failing to fake voter registration for someone claiming to be from Canada.

So how did O'Keefe and Project Vermin Supreme get the last laugh? At the Project Vermicelli website, which looks like something designed to trick old people into buying timeshares, we learn that on the very same day Feingold staffers were giving Maas the heave-ho, wily James O'Keefe himself was in Sunny Palo Alto, California, sneakily sneaking into a fundraiser for the Wisconsin Senatorial candidate being held at the home of wealthy California donors! We'll get to the video in just a moment, but first, did you know that James O'Keefe is a MASTER OF DISGUISE?

He's no Dana Carvey. Also, all you political operatives out there should remember one simple tip for recognizing O'Keefe: no matter what cunning disguise he dons, he always looks like he's about to start dripping snot from his nose. If you see someone with that expression and he doesn't ask for a tissue, alert a campaign supervisor.

So O'Keefe infiltrates the Feingold fundraiser, which we hope means he at least made the $500 minimum "guest" donation to attend, and his carefully edited footage catches Real Democrats, including Russ Feingold himself, admitting on hidden camera that Hillary Clinton plans to use UNCONSTITUTIONAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS TO TAKE ALL OUR GUNS AWAY! Just watch!

OK, so maybe nothing all that incriminating, since Feingold never actually says "Ooh, let's secretly scrap the Second Amendment so we can take all the guns and do tyrant stuff!" Instead, O'Keefe does catch some attendees at the fundraiser who'd like to limit guns -- and who also have every bit as much political power to accomplish that as Yr Wonkette has to declare October 14 National Buy Good Scotch for Bald Bloggers Day. The host of the event, Amy Rao, says Hillary would like to "shut it down" -- oddly, O'Keefe leaves out the referent of that "it" there, though maybe she means the gun show loophole? -- and then Rao says what's probably the most inflammatory line in the whole video:

If we can get guns away from everyone in this country, she’ll close the loopholes, she’ll get rid of assault weapons, she will get rid of being able to buy you know, unlimited bullets, she’s gonna make all that stop.

Which a sane person might see as an excited anti-gun liberal's wishful thinking, but which is presented here as the Gospel Truth of Hillary's plan to grab all the guns. Never mind that it ain't going to happen and Hillary Clinton couldn't do it if she wanted; here's your proof, America!

As for Feingold, besides saying it's possible that if Clinton doesn't have a Democratic majority in Congress, she might use an executive order to close the gun show loophole, that's about it. What shocking things does Feingold say?

But what I do, is I go with the majority view of the people of the state, which is very common sense. They believe there should be background checks. Overwhelmingly, they believe there should be background checks for the internet and for gun shows.

Terrifying! And so completely in line with his voting record!

Still, O'Keefe did manage to find one of Feingold's "big west coast donors" who don't see why anyone needs a gun at all, although darn her, fundraiser host Amy Rao acknowledges guns will always be with us because of the Second Amendment:

You're never gonna get guns totally out of their hands. It's the Second Amendment, right? But you can get sensible gun laws passed, and Obama didn't do it. If anyone can do it, she'll do it.

Aha! Proof that Hillary definitely WOULD repeal the Holy Second Amendment if she could! Or maybe a recognition of reality. Still, it got the gun humpers on YouTube good and riled, so you'd better believe Russ Feingold is toast now.

As for who really gets the last laugh, we'll say it's still us, since O'Keefe once again failed to discover anything especially shocking, and he looks like a complete moron. Don't miss the exciting few seconds at the end of the video where he dances around in his amazingly good costume. As exposés go, it's not a total waste: Projectile Vomitus contributors' donations went to help Russ Feingold win back his Senate seat. You could help with that, too!

[Project Veritas]

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