Matt Gaetz Hates When FBI Asks People To Tattle, Huh, Wonder Why

World's most attractive US American Republican congressman Matt Gaetz (pictured above, attractively) went on Newsmax recently to whine about how the FBI loves it when people snitch to them, and how that is just like the Soviet Union. That's it, that's the joke, that's the whole post, everybody.


OK just kidding.

He was apparently very upset about this tweet:

Seems sensible enough, right? The biggest organized violent threat we face in the United States is domestic terrorism committed by homegrown radicalized white supremacists, as the FBI director appointed by Donald Trump has explained. It would make sense that the FBI would want to confront that threat by any means possible, and that family and friends are well-positioned to know if their Trump-supporting incel brother is spending too much time on the online forums, or if they find receipts where he gassed up his truck near DC on or around January 6.

Gaetz said:

"Back during the worst days of the Soviet Union, one out of every three of the folks in that country was providing some sort of information to a centralized governing authority," Gaetz continued. "Snitching really is a tool of the repressive security state, and we don't want that to happen in our country."

He said the agency is "getting more ambitious" after years of investigating the Russia hoax and pushing its own politics on the nation.

"This is an effort to identify people based on their politics, and I don't think we want an FBI that is resolving familial disputes through the lens of extremism," he said. "That seems to really take them away from an otherwise important mission."

Yeah, no matter how many times they say it, we are going to note each and every time that nobody is going after anybody for their "politics." If however people become radicalized by the fascist Big Lie pushed by Donald Trump, Gaetz, and others, and use that as a pretext for terrorism, then yes, it's a law enforcement issue.

We also continue to find it hilarious when Trump Republicans talk about the FBI pushing its politics on Trump people, like FBI is some kind of hairy-armpitted extension of the ACLU.

As to the part about RUSHUR HOAX, RUSHUR HOAX, RUSHUR HOAX, THE RUSHUR HOAX, WITH TRUMP AND RUSHUR ... we get it, none of you are patriotic Americans, and you have to pretend Russia didn't attack the 2016 election, because your dumb crimelord chunky Jesus action figure Trump would never have been elected without their help.

Let's see if we can think of any of the real reasons why Matt Gaetz is so "snitches get stitches" about the FBI encouraging people to tattle to them.


1. They told the FBI about Gaetz's real dad Donald Trump's insane and un-American ties with Russia, and with his campaign.

2. They are currently telling the FBI about the domestic terrorists AKA Matt Gaetz's base of support who attacked the Capitol on January 6, and, as he explained above, are trying to ferret out extremist cells wherever they are.

3. HMMMMMM HMMMMM HMMMMM we can't think of a third one but we're just gonna write "UNDERAGE SEX TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATION INVOLVING MATT GAETZ AND ALSO HIS WINGMAN BUDDY FLIPPED" right here as a placeholder.

OK now this post is over, OPEN THREAD.

[Newsmax / h/t JoeMyGod]

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