Matt Walsh Rents House In Virginia So He Can Attack Local Trans Kids Like Emotionally Healthy Adult

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Matt Walsh Rents House In Virginia So He Can Attack Local Trans Kids Like Emotionally Healthy Adult

Matt Walsh doesn't live in Virginia. Remember this for later.

The rightwing troll from the Daily Wire (I suppose I should be more specific) is appalled by the Loudoun County, Virginia, school district's radical policy of treating trans students like human beings. He planned to hold a “Protect Your Kids" rally outside Tuesday's school board meeting. He's obviously not interesting in protecting all kids, as you can tell from his Facebook post promoting the event.

The Loudoun County school board in VA has imposed a radical trans policy allowing males access to girl's restrooms and teams.

This is no longer a “radical" policy, even if Walsh's mind is stuck in 1973. Also, trans girls are girls so what he's describing isn't taking place. He reveals his own issues when he fixates on trans girls rather than trans boys who'd also have access to boys' restrooms and teams.

Teachers are required to use preferred pronouns.

Yes, teachers should not be assholes. That's not a huge ask.

WALSH: To protest this madness, I'll be leading a rally outside the school board meeting on September 28. Join us! The time for sitting on the sidelines is over. Schools that harm children must be confronted. We must speak up against this indoctrination loudly and in person. I have a large platform and intend to use it to help mobilize these efforts. The child abusers will hear from us.

Walsh uses his large (why, it's practically MASSIVE) platform to demonize trans children, and he has the gall to consider other people “child abusers."

As we've mentioned, Walsh doesn't live in Virginia. He previously lived in rural Pennsylvania before moving to Nashville, Tennessee, in November. As a concerned member of the community, he yelled nonsense about mask mandates during an August school board meeting in well-off Williamson County. (His kids don't actually attend public school.)

WALSH: What does it do to a child's developing immune system if you ask to wear a mask all day and every day? You're satisfied to place this burden on children anyway. And why? It's not to keep them safe. It's not to keep the adult safe.

It does nothing to a child's immune system if they wear a cloth facial covering for six hours a day. However, children had accounted for 40 percent of Tennessee's new COVID-19 cases by September. That's far worse than developing a slight rash because their parents are too lazy to wash their masks.

WALSH: How would you respond to a parent who forced his kid to wear a football helmet every day, all day, for fear of falling coconuts and meteors? Your kid is almost as likely to die of COVID as he is from a rock from the sky.

At least three Tennessee children died from COVID-19 in August. The state doesn't report pediatric deaths related to falling coconuts and meteors but I suspect that number is much lower.

Walsh decided to take his traveling one-man circus act to Loudon County — again, in Virginia — but the school district has recently adopted rules that restrict speakers at their meetings to "students, parents, residents or business owners in the county." However, they underestimated the resourcefulness of trolls. Walsh leased property in Loudon County like some crazy-ass stalker. I don't think trans kids are the true threat here.

Walsh was very proud of how he evaded the school district's rules, designed to prevent obnoxious assholes from shouting, “You're all child abusers" at them. He shared some classic “I'm a Virginian trapped in a Tennessean's body" humor that's both offensive and stale.


I'm not including the clips of his transphobic garbage because no one needs to see this. Dismiss me as the intolerant Left if you must but Walsh isn't interested in honestly engaging on this topic nor even attempting to empathize with the people, including vulnerable children, he actively demonizes. This is all a sick game to him.

I'd almost feel sorry for someone so contemptuous of their fellow humans but then I remember this is Matt Walsh we're talking about, so he can go fuck himself.

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