Fox News Interviews White Guy From 'Black Hawk Down' Who Lost Career For Being Unvaxxed. No, The Other Guy.

Fox News Interviews White Guy From 'Black Hawk Down' Who Lost Career For Being Unvaxxed. No, The Other Guy.

In this time of balloons and rumors of balloons, mere days after literally Satan himself emerged out of the sea and went directly to downtown LA for the Grammys so he could whip his Satan hair around and sing transgender devil songs, it's easy to forget the heroes of our other ongoing war: Those who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and live to tell the tale in order to save themselves from getting #DiedSuddenlyed. Of course, they are kind of the same war, because Pfizer sponsored the Grammys and Pfizer sponsored the vaccine and Pfizer probably liked to play with balloons as a child.


Fox News has an exclusive interview with a guy you've never heard of who lost his whole career because he was brave enough to say no to vaccines. It's a Tucker Carlson interview, because of course. He is so well known that Tucker mispronounces his last name at the beginning of the segment, and he himself later admits he is not a "gigantic huge actor." But look, we grade on a curve when it comes to right-wing celebs, so let's meet Matthew Marsden and hear his tales of heroism and try to remember if we saw him in anything or if we're mixing him up with that other white guy.

Actor Matthew Mardsen

No, not James Marsden. You're thinking of somebody different and way more famous. And they're not brothers.

was lambasted by Hollywood for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine,

By whom please?

but the actor known for action flicks like "Black Hawk Down" and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," as well as Amazon's "Reacher" series, told Fox News' Tucker Carlson he stands by his decision to do the right thing.

Feel like "known for" is doing a lot of work here. We watched Black Hawk Down recently, and we are pretty sure there isn't a white Hollywood actor from the last three decades who is not in it. We googled to see which one Marsden was, and we were like "Oh yeah that one." We looked at the Wikipedia pages for the other two, and he is, um, not high up on the cast list.

But maybe he lost his career for refusing the COVID vaccine many years ago, and now history is just catching up.

"I've worked a lot with soldiers, and it's really difficult for me to say that losing my career is a difficult decision to stand up for what is right when they'll go, and they'll die, and they'll lose everything," he said on Fox Nation's "Tucker Carlson Today."

What grandiose thinking.

"To me, it wasn't [a difficult decision] at all. I'd be very cowardly if I didn't," he added.

Tell us what roles would have gone to this guy first but instead went to vaccinated actors. What was he considered for?

Fox News helpfully includes a link to another recent Marsden appearance on Tucker Carlson's show, where he complained he "lost a gig," but he did not say which one. He said, "I informed them that I was not vaccinated, and I submitted a religious exemption, and it was, of course, dismissed and that's that."

Maybe it was "The Last Of Us." Maybe the entire world wouldn't be drooling over Pedro Pascal right now if Matthew Marsden had only abandoned his principles.

He continued: "I didn't become a citizen of this country to have my First Amendment rights and my other rights [taken away]." So he clearly aced the "whiny ass white dude" part of his citizenship test.

But back to our current whiny ass interview:

He told Carlson that his career is insignificant and sacrificing that career means little if "our freedoms are taken away."

"This is all happening because we're letting it happen," he said, warning that "It doesn't matter who you are, they'll come after you… they're relentless."

Well, he's the main character in some kind of drama, even if it's an imaginary one one that only exists in his own head and he isn't getting paid for it and he can't get an Oscar or an Emmy for it.

"If more people stood up and said something, then this would all stop," he said. "We are this great country, which is the last best hope for the world. This isn't just about this country, it's about the whole world. I know because I saw it. I know because I was there dreaming of coming here. I'm that guy."

He is from the hellhole of "England."

By the way, this is how the dude is promoting this Fox News interview on his own Twitter.

Stop laughing, it's sad.

OK, that's enough of this, the end.

[Fox News]

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