Maya Rudolph Plays The Butter Tub Better Than You Do. Your Weekly Dance Party!

Well hey there, Wonkers, it is Wednesday, which means it's time for your weekly dance party! And what do we even mean when we say Maya Rudolph plays the butter tub better than you (or your mother) do? Well! On the NBC teevee show "Maya & Marty," Rudolph pulled off another one of her hilarious musical stunts, this time with movie acting lady Emma Stone. They used butter tubs as musical instruments! They did the song "Call Your Girlfriend" by Swedish pop superstar Robyn, playing butter tubs and singing at the same time! It was ... well dang, it was pretty impressive, just like it usually is when Maya Rudolph brings her musical chops out to play.


Cool, right? Have you ever seen Maya and her Prince cover band, Princess, do their Prince covers? It's pretty badass.

OK, time to shuffle our iTunes and see what ten songs come up first at random. Oh here they are:

  1. Neon Indian - "Deadbeat Summer" (Afghan Raiders remix)
  2. St. Vincent - "The Party"
  3. Cowboy Junkies - "Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)" (incorporates popular tune "Blue Moon," first recorded by Connee Boswell in 1935 and done by Elvis and many others)
  4. Sleeping At Last - "Needle & Thread"
  5. Ella Fitzgerald w/ Orquesta de Buddy Bregman - "Anything Goes" (orig. from Cole Porter's Anything Goes)
  6. Michael Bublé - "Fever" (orig. recorded by Little Willie John)
  7. Mighty Souls Brass Band - "Memphis Train" (orig. by Rufus Thomas)
  8. Big Tree - "Woods"
  9. Caribou - "Can't Do Without You"
  10. Cut Copy - "Need You Now" (Architecture In Helsinki remix)

Ooh, Ella! Also too, Mighty Souls Brass Band is an incredibly talented (you guessed it) brass band, local to yr Wonkette's great American city of Memphis, and they work their asses off, all eight million band members or so, so if you'd like to show some hardworking musicians some Wonkette love, HAVE AT IT.

OK here is your music:



And now you are dancing in the comments, or whatever you do down there, YOU PERVS.
Evan Hurst

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