Maybe Donald Trump Can Explain How  Killing This Woman Will Make America Great, Because We Sure Can't

Meet Maria Isabel Bueso, a citizen of Guatemala who has a rare genetic illness that was supposed to kill her before she reached her teens. She's 24 and a college graduate -- summa cum laude at that -- because doctors at UC San Francisco's Benioff Children's Hospital invited her to take part in clinical trials of a treatment for her condition when she was just seven years old. It worked, and she and others with the illness are now living decades longer! Talk about an inspiring success story! It was covered by the New York Times and then by the "Rachel Maddow Show" Thursday night.

Say hi to Isabel Bueso fast, before Donald Trump and Stephen Miller send her home to die, because the treatment she needs to stay alive is simply not available in Guatemala. She's yet another of the immigrants who had been allowed to stay in the US due to a "medical deferred action" program that the administration ended this month without announcement.

So yeah, she's alive today because of a treatment that she played a role in developing. And now we need to deport her because America has too many foreigns. Don't worry, though, the experts on Twitter -- who haven't read the story because the New York Times is full of lies -- figure she's an illegal alien who's a criminal and needs to be deported because she just does. Never read the replies.

Here's the report on Isabel Bueso from last night's Maddow show. Prepare to be furious.

Deportation Threatens Life Of Immigrant Who Helped FDA Research | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Bueso's condition ("Mucopolysaccharidosis VI, or MPS-6 which causes dwarfism, clouded vision and spinal cord compression, among other abnormalities") was very rare, and the clinical trial was short of test subjects, as often happens in the study of very rare conditions. Her participation, the docs say, was key to the trial even going forward, so in a very real way, the FDA-approved treatment that now extends the lives of others with her illness only exists because of Isabel Bueso.

And like hundreds of other recipients of "medical deferred action," she recently got a letter telling her to leave the country in 33 days or be deported.

Maddow put it bluntly: "The Trump administration's plan, in other words, is to kill this young woman." That's it, really. Her congressperson, Mark DeSaulnier, and Senator Kamala Harris have both written to the Trump administration on her behalf, but there's no appeals process for those affected by denial of medical deferred action requests. And the administration isn't answering questions. (There's also confusion over a claim that ICE would begin administering the requests: ICE has no idea about that.)

And so it looks like, if nothing changes, the government intends to kill her. Her doctor, pediatric gastroenterologist Paul Harmatz, who took part in the original clinical trial, told Maddow in a follow-up interview that if Bueso is sent back to Guatemala, where, again, the treatment is not available, she will die in a matter of months; at the outside, she might live two years before a painful death.

So why is that necessary? Her treatment is covered by her parents' insurance, so she's not a "public charge." She came here at the invitation of researchers, and her contribution to their research is actively saving lives.

Maybe there's a good explanation for why she needs to die. We suppose it's possible hearing that America is finally getting tough on the illegal immigrants who are taking all the valuable healthcare that could go to Americans (not that we should pay for it) will make some people more excited about voting for Donald Trump, so that's probably worth it. (Though there sure are a lot of bigwig Republicans on the boards of children's hospitals and cancer hospitals around the country. We'd really like to hear what they think about what Trump is doing to these people.)

Just ignore little details like Isabel Bueso being invited to come and having been here legally, at least until Trump ended the program. Or the fact that her participation in the trial has saved lives -- of Americans. Or the fact that she's not taking Our Precious Tax Dollars. There has to be some reason this is all her fault, because is she a US citizen? She is not, and is therefore not our concern. Getting rid of her (she is literally going to die if she's deported) is just a fine thing all around. Especially if it makes stupid liberals feel bad. They're such snowflakes.

[NYT / Maddow]

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