Maybe It's Bad For Everyone When Rapists Run The Country?


You remember Designing Women. Your mom LOVED it! Or you LOVED it, if you are old, like most Wonkettes. Linda Bloodworth Thomason created a SMASH FUCKING HIT about MOUTHY FUCKING BROADS! And then Les Moonves came to CBS, took all the pictures of Mary and Rhoda off the walls, and never let a woman star again as anything but a corpse with playing cards in her cooch. Linda Bloodworth Thomason has Thoughts on that, and you will CLICK.

"Soon, I would hear how he had invited a famous actress to lunch in the CBS dining room. Coming off the cancellation of her iconic detective show, the star began pitching a new one. He informed her that she was too old to be on his network. She began to cry and stood up to go. He stood up too, taking her by the shoulders and telling her, 'I can't let you leave like this.' She reacted, suddenly touched. Then he shoved his tongue down her throat. I know this happened because the star is the person who told me."

Famous actress, iconic detective show, old. Fuck you Les Moonves, keep Jessica Fletcher's tongue out your mouth.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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