Can This Idiot David Bossie Win Rose As Trump's Forever Chief Of Staff?
Image: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons license 2.0

After saddling himself with former RNC chair Peince Priebus (hated him, had no idea who picked him) and John Kelly (loved him, then hated him, had no idea who picked him) as his first two chiefs of staff, Donald Trump is casting around for a new stooge who'll just let him do what he wants but eventually get on his nerves. With potential candidates dropping like pissing flies, rightwing rag the Washington Examiner advised late this morning that a short list now includes David Bossie, Trump's former deputy campaign manager, transition staffer, and former head of rightwing PAC Citizens United. Not mentioned by the Examiner: Bossie's name was floated this morning by one of Trump's real advisors, Brian Kilmeade, cohost of Fox News's "Presidential Daily Brief," formerly known as Fox & Friends.

Still, why the hell not? The Examiner says Bossie was named as a finalist for the job of eventual whipping boy by "two sources familiar with the matter," which we'll take to mean Brian Kilmeade and Brian Kilmeade's mom. The story didn't offer any further detail on why or how President Humperdoo may have put Bossie on the list, or whether Trump is actually able to read a list. It could just be several photos on a laminated sheet.

This is roughly the five bajillionth time Bossie's name has been floated for a big administration (or associated) job; he'd previously been mentioned for possible jobs in a crisis-communications "war room" that never happened, and was allegedly on the short list for head of the RNC, another thing that never happened.

If picked, Bossie would bring to the job such skills as having "directed" the 2007 campaign-ad movie that ended up killing restrictions on corporate campaign donations. Bossie has also been a relentless Trumpfluffer on Fox News. The day after the midterms, Bossie praised Trump for his incredible electoral juggernaut, which "confirm beyond a doubt that President Trump is a political force of nature like we've never seen" and virtually guaranteed a Trump reelection win in 2020, because Trump was personally responsible for some of the highest midterm voter turnout in decades. He has a point -- and few people give Nixon the credit he deserves for record turnout in 1974. Also, let us never forget that Bossie introduced the Great Man to Steve Bannon in 2011, not that Trump knows who that person is -- he may have briefly worked on the campaign, getting coffee.

In addition to regularly basting Trump with hot love juices at Fox, Bossie has also co-authored two book-shaped objects with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Let Trump Be Trump (an insider campaign memoir which objectively explained how God chose Donald Trump to win forever), and this fall's Trump's Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency(a conspiracy fantasy choose-your-own-adventure book about how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are still trying to steal Trump's magic bag).

Is Bossie even interested in the job? Hard to say -- if he's actually chosen, maybe. Back in June, he and Lewandowski said they were getting more done for Trump as "outside" advisers, without being hamstrung by any official duties and the scrutiny a White House job would entail. But now that Trump is in freefall mode, he may be happy to help out, because lord knows he may as well get in on the grift before it all falls to pieces.

[Washington Examiner / The Hill / Politico / Fox News / Image: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons license 2.0]

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