Mitch McConnell Confirms Even More Batsh*t Trump Judges

The people have spoken — and they do not want Donald Trump in power.

But that, unfortunately, is not just that. Here in the US, we have this fun little system where an executive who has just been voted out of office is nonetheless given a few more months to fuck shit up and, in the case of Donald Trump, subvert democracy.

President Do-Whatever-I-Want and Senate Majority Leader/Supervillain Mitch McConnell aren't about to let a silly thing like losing an election deter them from their plan to destroy our country. Because why give two fucks about the will of the people when instead you can pack the federal bench full of bootlickers?!

Normally, after a president loses reelection, he also stops getting his judges confirmed. But normally after a president loses reelection, he also, you know, concedes. So, here we are.

Our COVID-19 numbers are sky-high, Americans are struggling to put food on their tables, and the Senate is still refusing to do anything to help them. But sure, now sounds like a GREAT time to make sure we put more fascists on our federal courts!

The Senate hasn't confirmed a slate of judges for a lame duck president in this way since 1896.

Stephen Schwartz

On Tuesday, the Senate confirmed 36-year-old Stephen Schwartz to a 15-year appointment to the Court of Federal Claims. He has never argued a single case before the court that he now joins.

The Court of Federal Claims isn't a sexy court that makes the news every day, but it is an incredibly important one. It hears cases where people are suing the federal government for things like vaccine injuries, contract disputes, military and civilian pay cases, tax disputes, and patent and copyright cases.

Even with Moscow Mitch at the helm these, Schwartz's confirmation had languished for the last few years. But don't worry, Schwartz hasn't let his nomination get in the way of screwing the people. Since being nominated to the Court of Federal Claims, he has continued to use the law to try to take rights away from people.

Promoting transphobia seems to be one of Schwartz's favorite causes. He was one of the monsters defending the Gloucester, Virginia, county school board's unconstitutional treatment of Gavin Grimm, a trans boy who just wanted to use the boys' room at school. He also defended North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ House Bill 2, which prohibited North Carolina cities from enacting non-discrimination laws and prohibited trans people from using the correct bathrooms in government buildings, including public schools, colleges, and universities. (Most of HB2 was repealed in 2017, after Attorney General Roy Cooper, now the governor, refused to defend the bullshit law in court.)

But that's not all! As a Trump appointee, Republican, and member of the Federalist Society, Schwartz also really loves him some voter suppression. He heartily defended a Jim Crow voter suppression law in North Carolina that the Fourth Circuit found "target[ed] African Americans with almost surgical precision[.]"

Oh, and he has argued that we should abolish Social Security because economic inequality "is a natural aspect of the human condition."

Let them eat catfood!

They still goin'

If you thought Schwartz was just going to be the cherry on top of the shit sundae that has been 2020, just wait! There's more!

With Lindsey Graham in the driver's seat, Senate Judiciary advanced five more Trump nominees today.

Prosecutor and corporate defense lawyer Thomas Kirsch II has been nominated to take Amy Bony Carrot's seat on the Seventh Circuit. The federal appellate court, which has jurisdiction over a diverse population of over 25 million people in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, is 100 percent cis-hetero-white — a pattern Kirsch's confirmation will continue. Obama nominated Myra Selby, who would have been the first African-American and the first woman from Indiana to join the court. But Mitch refused to hold a vote on Selby's nomination and the seat eventually went to Justice Serena Joy, herself.

The other nominations sent to the full Senate were Charles Edward Atchley Jr. and Katherine Crytzer for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Joseph Dawson III for the District of South Carolina, and Zachary Somers to join Stephen Schwartz on the Court of Federal Claims.

The Senate is expected to confirm this latest slot of judges next week.

Congratulations everyone.

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