Mean California Dems Won't Let Fake Abortion Clinics Lie To Ladies And Call Them Whores :(

These things exist, called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC's). They like to set up in the inner city, and they act like they're just trying to help the pregnant ladies who want abortions, but in reality, women who go there get fed whole lines of incorrect medical "info" (aka "lies") about how abortion causes breast cancer and abortion causes ladies to be depressed forever, and so on. Sometimes they just tell ladies they're whores, and that they'll never be able to get pregnant again if they get 'bortions. Most of them don't even have medical staff.

Well, some nice members of the California Assembly have decided that this is SOMEHOW a problem, so they've introduced the Reproductive FACT Act, which would require these fake clinics to actually tell ladies that they are fake, and that they don't have any medical qualifications, like that's even fair!

Alongside women’s healthcare providers and religious leaders, Assemblymembers David Chiu (D – San Francisco) and Autumn R. Burke (D – Inglewood) today urged lawmakers to support AB 775, the Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency (FACT) Act.

The Reproductive FACT Act requires licensed facilities that provide family planning and pregnancy-related services to inform patients about available assistance for affordable contraception, abortion, and prenatal care, including how to obtain that assistance. Facilities that offer similar services but do not have a medical license must disclose that they are not licensed facilities and do not have a licensed provider on staff. This bill is co-sponsored by Attorney General Kamala Harris, NARAL Pro-Choice California, and Black Women for Wellness.

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This is actually a very smart thing, to say that, even if your whole fake clinic believes that contraception kills babies and abortion is evil, you still have to tell people the truth about things. ALL THE THINGS. Now, fundies don't like this, because they think that ladies are babbling morons unable to make their own reproductive health decisions. The CPC's especially won't like having to say "oh also we are not a doctor, we are A Idiot," but they'll just have to deal.

Proponents of the bill point out that, unlike many other states, California actually has many readily available options for women who need reproductive health care, including abortion, which is by the way, LEGAL IN AMERICA, but these awful fundie-run CPC's muck everything up by saying "oh look, we are the clinic you are looking for, let us say some lies to you," and very often, they take advantage of poor women who they feel are easier targets:

Particularly when a scared woman facing an unintended pregnancy is desperate to find the nearest clinic, it can be difficult for them to distinguish a CPC from a real reproductive health facility.

Critics of the centers say that’s exactly the point. There are an estimated 167 CPCs throughout California, and, according to a recent report from the state’s NARAL affiliate, they often set up shop in low-income and minority communities where many of the women only speak Spanish.

Truly, it is God's Work, to lie to deceive women in need in order to advance a wingnut political agenda.

Well done, California Assemblycritters, we sure do hope your bill passes.

[AB 775 press release / Think Progress]

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