Mean Girl Lindsey Graham: Even Hillary Clinton Could Fix Iran Better Than Stupid Rand Paul

The Confirmed Bachelor Prince Of The Low Country is throwing some MEAN shade at official 2016 presidential loser Rand Paul! Who's smarter than Rand Paul when it comes to keeping Iran from getting nukes, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham? The answer is EVERYONE, including that liberal Hillary Clinton. Talking to the Face The Nation teevee program, Graham said that the only 2016 candidate who would do worse than tyrant Obama in negotiating with the Iranians is that loser Rand Paul, who hilariously announced his presidential run on Tuesday.

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Graham says that we can keep this stupid and dumb Obama deal until 2017, when literally anyone else can have a crack at being a Real President and showing Iran who's boss. He stated that "Hillary Clinton could do better. I think everybody on our side -- except maybe Rand Paul -- could do better." Graham chuckles ever so politely when he name-drops his Republican Senate colleague, probably because he knows that he would do so much better by himself, because his Daddy John McCain taught him how. Rand Paul might not even bomb the Iranians even one time!

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So, Graham is being really bitchy! He, of course, points out that Barack Obama is terrible at everything as well, due to the fact that All American Allies hate him (Benjamin Netanyahu, of course, being the spokesdick for All American Allies), and the Muslins aren't scared enough of him, the way they were constantly pissing their pants in fear about Gee Dubya Bush.

Of course, Tuesday morning, Rand Paul spoke to Lady Reporter Savannah Guthrie, explaining that no, he is not an isolationist, his dick is every bit as hard for bombing Iran as John McCain's gets when Sen. Graham spoonfeeds him his daily blue pill, hidden in peanut butter of course, and to please stop asking questions, LADY REPORTER. We have also learned that Rand Paul will do Iran the Reagan way, we guess by secretly selling them weapons.

So maybe, now that we think of it, the Confirmed Bachelor Prince was correct about Rand Paul being A Idiot, even if he did deliver it with an ever-so-genteel, "Oh daaaaahlin', bless your DEAR heart!"

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