Meet Ric Grenell, America's First Gay Troll Traitor Acting DNI!

Good news, everyone! The new (acting) director of national intelligence will NOT be a moron Trump loyalist GOP congressman idiot like Devin Nunes,John Ratcliffe, or Chris Stewart.

Bad news, everyone! Because it's a day in Trump's America, the new (acting) director of national intelligence will be worse than that. Instead of one of those morons, Trump has broken yet another glass trap-door and appointed America's first gay troll traitor DNI, which is to be expected considering the point of the Trump presidency we're in, as the president tries his damnedest to destroy our institutions and the rule of law once and for all.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump appointed current ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, AKA "Ric," a man with zero intelligence experience but who definitely owns the libs on Twitter, to be his new acting DNI. Don't worry, though, the Times says Trump isn't going to make him the real DNI or anything. He'll just leave Grenell as "acting" as long as he possibly can, because he doesn't like having to ask the Senate permission to surround himself with laughably unqualified toe-sucking loyalists eager to do his dirty work.

As we noted, Grenell is gay, so MAGA folks on Grindr can lie to themselves some more and pretend Trump is doing something for the gays. The Log Cabin types already creamed themselves when he was chosen as ambassador, because they will accept literally any scraps the straight conservatives whose respect they crave are willing to drop from the grown-up table. Hell, Grenell himself has acted like that, fawning over how nice world-famous bigots Mike and Karen Pence have been to him, even though he is a heathen homosexual who loves the peen, which is a lifestyle choice Mother does not approve of.

Ever since Grenell showed up in Berlin, he's been acting like a little shit, doing the opposite of what an "ambassador" should do and instead just annoying the fuck out of his host country. Indeed, he seems to think his entire job there is to piss off the Germans and bark out orders to them on Twitter, so he's already got a poor record when it comes to knowing the answer to the question, "What Is My Job?" He is the guy Trump probably wishes had been ambassador to Ukraine, because we doubt he would have stood in the way of the crimes Trump wanted to commit there.

Trump's weird-faced son certainly seemed to think so, tweeting during the Rudy Giuliani-led smear campaign against Marie Yovanovitch, American Hero:

(Hey, remember that lame gross gay cocktail party Junior and Kim Guilfoyle went to, in Chelsea? It was for Ric!)

Grenell told Breitbart not long after he got to Germany that he really wanted to stand with the "conservatives" of Europe, as if we don't know what "conservatives" means in the context of Europe's little problem with Nazis and anti-immigrant extremists. He just loves the right-wing Nazi-lite government of Austria, as you can see in this very ambassador-y appearance on Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour, where he actually seemed to hint that Germany needed new leaders:

How much do the Germans hate him? Well, some German politicians have called for him to be expelled altogether, with one saying he acts "like a high commissioner of an occupying power."

The Times gives a few more examples of Grenell's shit-posting yappy teacup poodle behavior:

Last month, he angrily demanded The Washington Post retract a report, which he insisted was based on fabricated sources, that Mr. Trump had threatened to impose auto tariffs on European cars if European leaders did not adopt a tougher line on Iran's nuclear program. The next day, Germany's defense minister publicly confirmed it. [...]

In recent days, after Attorney General William P. Barr said in an interview that Mr. Trump's tweets made his job more difficult, Mr. Grenell appeared on Fox News to counter that view. "It makes my job so much easier," Mr. Grenell said, offering the example of Mr. Trump's pressure on NATO allies to spend more on defense.

Oh, and speaking of doing Trump's dirty work, would you be shocked to learn that Grenell played a bit role in the whole Ukraine saga, specifically regarding the Russian-mob-connected Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash, who is on house arrest in Vienna awaiting extradition on massive corruption charges, who is represented by the Fox News TV team law firm of Hairball and Hairball (Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova), and who appears to have bankrolled much of the Rudy Giuliani/Lev Parnas smear campaign against Marie Yovanovitch and the scheme to get Ukraine to announce Biden investigations?

In the Daily Beast, Lev Parnas dropped this juicy detail that included Grenell's name:

"During the situation that was going on with the Firtash case, Victoria called Ric Grenell because he was the ambassador to Germany and Vienna was in the same orbit there," Parnas said. "She basically asked him, if he sees any pressure coming from DOJ to extradite Firtash, if he could let us know. She told me he said he would." Parnas said he didn't know if Grenell ever shared information regarding Firtash with Toensing.


Grenell did do one good thing as ambassador, though, and we gave him credit for it. In 2019, when Secretary of State and known pigmouthed homophobe Mike Pompeo started going after US embassies for flying the gay pride flag during the month of June, Grenell was absolutely defiant about it and flew the damn thing anyway. We were impressed with him that day, for a minute.

The New York Times reports that Grenell will also get to remain ambassador to Germany, we guess because "ambassador" is kind of a meaningless position in a shithole administration that's loathed by the entire free world. Also that thing about how they hate him.

Donald loathes the intelligence community, because of how it refuses to bend reality to suit the whims of the Shitmouth-In-Chief. He hates how the IC won't stop saying Russia attacked the 2016 election to help install him in office (it did). When his intel chiefs say mean things to Congress that gently imply that Trump is a know-nothing dumbshit about Iran and North Korea, Trump feels the need to #MeanGirl tweet about how his own intel chiefs should "go back to school!" And do you really think the Ukraine whistleblower would have been able to expose Trump's attempted election-stealing crimes with Ukraine if Ambassador Quisling had been in charge of the intel community when that disloyal whistleblower came forward? Surely not!

Obviously the time has come for a Twitter troll with zero experience in the intelligence world to oversee the nation's 17 intel agencies.

We guess this means Grenell will be going back to DC, so Wonkette officially gives all the gays in DC permission to be vicious queens and make his social life a living hell, hahaha, like you even need us to tell you to do that.

[New York Times / Daily Beast]

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