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Let's not bury the lede, it's an irrefutable fact that Chuck Todd brings the same level of charisma and intelligence that Tucker Carlson used to when he was wearing a bowtie (before Jon Stewart nuked it out of his wardrobe). How bad is the semi-sentient goatee growth of NBC News? Well, he briefly caused his predecessor to trend on Twitter:

So what did Todd do this time? Let's start with giving time to the senator of the second Worst Dakota, Kevin Cramer of South North Dakota.

After checking audio issues, Todd read Sen. Pat Toomey's statement basically saying it's over and Republicans need to accept that Joe Biden is the president-elect and will be inaugurated next January. Cramer made it clear that despite this reality, he was gonna spend his time saying outright bullshit while Todd stood there not pushing back like a drunk crossing guard:

CRAMER: Chuck, first of all, again, thanks for the opportunity to be with you, and no, I do not, although I think it's very likely. But that said, I think we — again, I don't know why we're so easily offended by a president that's carrying out all of his legal options in court, not enhancing or encouraging any riots or burnings of buildings or beating up of Democrats coming out of Democratic meetings or events.

This isn't carrying out legal options, Kevin. This is filing frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit (a Trump specialty) as he runs the clock down in the hopes his installed Supreme Court can steal it for him. There may not be "riots or burnings" (so far) but we are losing precious time for coordinating the transition in the middle of a pandemic while he incites his MAGA cult/21st Century Confederacy to send death threats to Republicans who won't break democracy while the cult chants about how they will "rise again."

CRAMER: It's just a simple, legal process and really there have not been a lot of evidentiary hearings that have involved the Trump case. There have been other hearings. And I noticed that you used a number that was rather large of cases that have been thrown out or dismissed, but when it comes down to actually looking at evidence, there have not been many, if any, and maybe the Pennsylvania one was the first one.

The reason there is no evidence presented is because THERE IS NO EVIDENCE! Their smoking guns have turned out to be Rudy's dripping hair dye and the "biblical" rapture of batshit lawyer Sidney Powell. Every time they've publicly alleged fraud or that they have proof of it, they have provided neither to the courts. Law Twitter is having quite a laugh watching them smash into legal walls while their sycophants make up fantasy scenarios.

CRAMER: So, I think everyone ought to calm down a little bit. I don't see this as an attack on our democracy. I mean, we spent four years listening to news shows and liberals discrediting, trying to discredit the Trump administration to the point of spying on him by the last administration. Forty million dollars spent on an independent counsel that started with no evidence and ended proving that there was no evidence. And then, of course, this crazy impeachment. So, I think — I think what we're experiencing now, everyone ought to just relax and let it play out in the legal way. We'll be just fine.

Okay, here is this fucking bullshit again. Let's handle each discredited lie here one at a time:

  1. No one "spied" on Trump's campaign. His idiots were caught talking to Russians while the government was surveilling the Russians. It's like you claiming the FBI "tapped" your phone because you called a Mob boss and got caught on tape discussing a hit.
  2. Most of the expense from Mueller's investigation was recovered from judgments against Manafort and other Trump mooks.
  3. The impeachment was Trump trying to extort Ukraine to get "dirt" on Joe Biden to try to win the election (how'd that work out for him, btw...).

Cramer, while implying that all this is not damaging democracy, inadvertently told a fact but not quite like he meant.

CRAMER: Well, there was a lot of damage done in the last four years.

Now there is an understatement of the clusterfuck that has been the Trump occupation. Cramer then told us not to worry about a coup because the military has control of vaccine distribution:

CRAMER: I think that Vice President Biden has been a bit overdramatic as it relates to Operation Warp Speed and the distribution of the, of the vaccines and things. I mean, none of those things are a secret. The military is in charge of Operation Warp Speed. The military is still going to be there after the election.

Joe Biden is PRESIDENT-ELECT! Put some respect on his name. Here is the full video if you want to subject yourself to Republican lies or Chuck Todd missing all the shots at journalism.

Full Cramer: 'Past Time To Start A Transition' But Trump Still Has A Right To Challenge

It's amazing that almost three weeks in and we are still hearing from irrelevant douchecanoes on tv like they are musicians playing while the USS Trump sinks.

Some very few, like Chris Christie calling Trump's legal efforts a "national disgrace" on ABC's "This Week" or Gov. Larry Hogan on CNN's "State Of The Union" saying that Trump's effort to steal this election are "completely outrageous," are standing up publicly. Senatorial cowards like Ben Sasse, perpetually concerned Susan Collins, and opportunists like Mittens Romney have begun getting the hint. Even on Twitter, where Trump feels comfy, he's getting some clapback.

Maybe Emily Murphy will finally do her ONE job.

Have a week!!

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