Meet The RNC's Unstoppable Hillary-Destroying FRENCH Squirrel Of Principled Free Market Opposition To Keynesian Theory (Updated!)


This nugget of 2016 Campaign Intelligence from Patrick Caldwell at Mother Jones tells us that the race is getting serious: The Republicans have deployed their first Furry against the still-not-official campaign of Hillary Clinton. Named "HRC Squirrel," the mascot tells you at a glance everything you need to know about the threat Hillz poses to the American way of life, because like the former Secretary of State, squirrels are... they... you just associate them with...??? Oh, right, you have to read the T shirt, which says "Another Clinton in the White House is Nuts." Oh, that's quite clever. Because squirrels eat nuts. We get it!

Actually, maybe the critter is more of a meta commentary, since the squirrel is accompanied by handlers distributing flyers that say stuff like "Benghazi is Still the Defining Moment of Clinton's Tenure" ad so on. And this is obviously a clever play on how, to Republicans, "BENGHAZI!" is every bit the distractor and conversation-ender that "SQUIRREL!" is in the Disney/Pixar motion picture Up. So really, you can't possibly fault the logic of using a big orange squirrel to make people think of Hillary Clinton -- it's just so obvious when you give it a little thought.

Terribly Important Update! From the Tip Line: Drudge Sirens! An alert Wonket Operative informs us that the Squirrel costume COMES FROM FRANCE!!! We weep for what our once-great nation has become!


Doktor Zoom

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