Meghan McCain Asks Rachel Maddow If She Knows Why Fox News Is So Much Better Than Anything She'll Ever Do

Meghan McCain Asks Rachel Maddow If She Knows Why Fox News Is So Much Better Than Anything She'll Ever Do

Rachel Maddow appeared on "The View" yesterday to promote her new book Blowout. It probably wasn't her idea. Someone just showed her the royalty potential. Naturally, the dueling banjos of daytime conservative thought, Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman, tried to come for her. It was the battle of nitwit stars versus a thinking person.

Megs McCabe kicked it off with her usual brand of fatuous, ego-driven nonsense.

MCCAIN: You know, I was trying to think about what I wanted to ask you. I was thinking about it last night.

This is more preparation than Megs has ever put into her job, ever.

MCCAIN: I have the unique experience that I briefly worked for MSNBC. I worked for Fox News much longer. I work here now.

"I thought about what to ask you, Rachel Maddow, so let's talk about ME, ME, ME!" Someone must've booed Fox News so McCain snapped, "I don't know what that was!" She gets heckled every so often and it's my favorite part of the show.

MCCAIN: It's interesting being in the underbelly of both places. And I would like to say, it's interesting being in the underbelly of both places, and conservative media dominates liberal media across the board. In ratings, their viewers are more loyal. I know that you were friends with Roger Ailes.

A question, motherfucker! Can you ask one!

Rachel Maddow on Biden Ukraine Handling, Conservative Media | The

Maddow acknowledges that she knew deceased scumbag Roger Ailes. McCain finally asks something resembling a question, and it's offensive and insulting.

MCCAIN: What do you think was the key to conservative success and conservative brilliance in Fox News that they just lap you guys and still do? And that's your own verbiage that you used one time on Bill Maher.

Sweet Christ, the woman said the words "conservative brilliance," which unlike chocolate and peanut butter should never be combined. This is like Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney, except McCain thinks it's better to gush about The Beatles while Mick Jagger is just trying to sell some books. If Maddow knew the "key" to Sean Hannity kicking her ass for 10 years, and that key wasn't "be a moral black hole," wouldn't she use it? Does McCain think Maddow enjoys consistently losing to a man with the IQ of a test pattern?

Amazingly, Maddow didn't just storm off the set like a common Megs McCabe. Instead, she hit the low-ball question out of the park and delivered a brief seminar to "The View's" audience about how much Fox sucks. She patiently and politely explained that Fox is a pack of partisan hacks who regurgitate right-wing talking points to simple-minded idiots who crave confirmation bias.

MADDOW: [Fox News] ismore of a political operation. That's what I learned in getting to know Mr. Ailes. It's not like we hung out or anything, but I talked to him about the business and he really approached the business as a political operative who was trying to get Republican talking points out and get the Republican Party to move to the right, and he was running that as a constant campaign. I'm telling you. The people running MSNBC are not running a constant political campaign. They're just running a TV network, and when you don't have that same ideological drive, I think you end up producing a different product. We're sort of doing two different things. I don't think that Mr. Hannity and myself are doing parallel shows. We're doing different projects.

God, I love this woman. She took the "you knew Roger Ailes" sword that McCain handed her and parried with "the asshole straight-up confessed to me that he was trying to ruin the country." Maddow makes it clear that she's not a gourmet burger joint losing to Hannity's McDonald's. Fox isn't even serving food. God knows what people are paying for over there, but we've heard there's a champagne room where they'll tell you how much poor people suck and that no one respects the police anymore. McCain conceded that the news has become more "tribal" but the solution isn't for Fox to change or anything. No, other networks just need to hire more conservative idiots like her. That's your goddamn fair and balanced!

Shoot, I shouldn't have started with Megs McCabe because I almost forgot to mention the dumb things Abby Huntsman also said. She's finally willing to accept that Trump is a big crook. Coincidentally, October 3 was also her father, Jon Huntsman's, last day as Trump's ambassador to Russia. She sees everything so much more clearly now. However, she wishes liberals hadn't spent the past two years screaming about Trump's ongoing criminal escapades like he was the president or something.

Rachel Maddow on Schiff, Public's Perception of Impeachment | The

HUNTSMAN: My frustration is that there has been a 'crying wolf' for so long. 'This is it, this is the smoking gun, he's out,' for two years now from Democrats, from some members of the media, that now you have people in this country that are, like, we don't believe anything anymore. They're shutting it off. They are not taking it as seriously as they should, and I ask you, do you think you're part of that problem?

Maddow said this was a "really good point." It wasn't, but my girl used the compliment as a springboard to beat Huntsman silly with facts. No one's "crying wolf" about Trump. The wolves are quite real. Republicans just pretend the wolves are liberal foxes. Maddow -- speaking again as if explaining how a doorbell works to a small, dumb child -- argued that just because Trump's presidency is filmed in Corruption-Vision before a live studio audience, we shouldn't sit on our hands and wait for the most obvious, GED scandal to stick.

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