Megyn Kelly Would Like To Wherever-Bleed All Over Donald Trump Some More, Please

She's ready for another round oh yeah she is.

You know that thing about how Megyn Kelly is sometimes a common Fox News shill, but other times she actually does journalism sorta kinda, therefore we don't quite hate her as much as we hate all the other Fox News twits? It's true!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]And you know that other thing about how she made Donald Trump rage-squeal when she quoted him verbatim about all the shitty things he says about women, which led him to accuse her of bleeding "out of her wherever" (he meant her NOSE, according to him, or maybe her vagina) at him? And that started the terrible shouty fighting between Trump and Fox News, even though they used to be BFFs and jack each other off in the bathtub all the time? He even boycotted a Republican debate, because SHE was going to be there.

Well, Megyn has announced that she is definitely still a professional, and if Trump wants to come on her show again, she's got her wherever-bleeding-lady-cannon ready to fire:

If Donald Trump were to suddenly reverse course and ask to be on Megyn Kelly's show, the Fox News host would "absolutely" have him on, she says. [...]

“I think it’s very clear to him that he cannot control the editorial on my show or from me in a debate or other setting," she said in the clip from "CBS This Morning" that aired Friday, declining to speculate further on why Trump might be after her.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]She is saying that he's a pussy. Apparently even though Trump has levied all these attacks on her character, Megyn is still #FordTough. If you'll remember, according to her husband (who WE HEAR has a totally bangin' cock), when Megyn is naked, she looks like a combination of Oprah and Walter Cronkite and Larry The Cable Guy and Barbara Walters, so she can take on Donald Trump's tiny wherevers, any time, any place. (And by "wherevers," we mean his hands, they are tiny. Or maybe we mean his penis. And by "what Megyn looks like naked," we mean her JOURNALISM ETHICS.)

Does Megyn have any trolling advice for Trump, possibly about how he could be even yooger and more terrific than he already is? Yes, yes she does:

When [Charlie] Rose referred to Trump's name-calling, Kelly commented that is an area where "if he could pull himself back in, you know, just somewhat, would be so effective."

"He’s already been so effective. He could be so much more effective," she said.

Having adequately critiqued how Donald Trump would be so much more tremendous if he STFU and acted like a serious grown-up human being once in a while, Megyn went home to have another balls-out rager with her husband's penis, because it's "more effective" than anything Donald Trump has to offer, ZING, squeezed another dick joke into this post.


Evan Hurst

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