Dr. Oz Pretty Sure No One Covers Their Body With Cloth Material For Eight Hours Or More

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Dr. Oz Pretty Sure No One Covers Their Body With Cloth Material For Eight Hours Or More

Here’s a depressing update for you: a new poll says Dr. Mehmet Oz leads the pack of terrible Republicans competing in the GOP Pennsylvania Senate primary. According to the Trafalgar Group, Oz has the support of 27.4 percent of GOP primary voters. Oz credits his success to his TV fame. Hopefully somewhere Oprah Winfrey feels a twinge of regret.

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Oz told Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” that "People know who I am. I've been in your living room every day for 13 years.” That’s quite the indictment of our electoral process. Oz is clearly campaigning as a TV doctor who’s the candidate most opposed to COVID-19 mitigation measures. He whined on Fox News the other day about how awful school mask mandates are for kids, specifically remarking on how kids wear "cloth masks, not all the time," and asking, "Who wears anything eight hours in a row?"

Pants. People wear pants or some form of leg covering at least eight hours a day. We’ve all managed to endure the tyranny of clothing.

Oz further noted that when masks get wet, they’re useless, which is true. This is why schools usually avoid having class outside in the pouring rain. Virginia GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin adopted a similar nihilistic approach to mask mandates: kids don't wear masks correctly so why bother? America’s sort of collectively retreating from COVID-19 anyway, so it’s unclear how long Oz can ride anti-mask sentiment. Even the more cautious Democratic-run states such as Washington are expected to phase out school mask mandates next month.

Don’t worry: Oz still has another plank on his platform. That’s his grudge match with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s not a candidate for Senate. He doesn’t even live in Pennsylvania, though apparently neither does Oz. He’s lived in New Jersey for decades, but registered to vote absentee last year at his in-laws’ home in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. His campaign claims that’s his current residence. He must really want that Senate seat bad to live with his in-laws.

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Oz seems anxious to replace Rand Paul as Dr. Fauci’s Senate arch-enemy. He shouldn’t get ahead of himself. He needs to win a couple elections before he’s earned the right to demonize and bully an 81-year-old public servant. This is America!

Saturday, Oz tweeted this anti-mask meme inspired by a scene from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Someone quickly noted that in July 2020, Oz posted a pro-mask video with the caption, "As a surgeon, I often wear a face mask for hours on end. Face masks do not cause CO2 poisoning. They also do not allow viruses to travel to your brain. Here’s what you should know about #covid19 and face masks.” In June, Oz posted a tweet that described wearing a mask as an act of love: “Masks shouldn’t be a political statement. They’re about being kind. Wear a mask and protect the people you love.”

Oz is polling 10 points ahead of businessman David McCormick, a former undersecretary of the Treasury for International Affairs in the George W. Bush administration. McCormick probably hopes MAGA won’t hold his political experience against him, so he ran a Super Bowl ad featuring a crowd chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.” Real mature.

Both candidates are currently groveling for Donald Trump’s endorsement. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing race to the bottom.

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