Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, This Guy Is From Stupid


Remember 20 years ago when everyone was inexplicably reading Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and we had to pretend that it was chock full of insight and author John Gray was on every last television show ever and then he went and wrote like one million more books with "Mars" and "Venus" and people bought them because the human race is dumb? Yeah, apparently he never went away, and now he's just creeping around the Southern Hemisphere talkin' 'bout how those ladies from Venus are wrecking everything with their feminism.

Before we talk about just how bad ladies are, we should first note that those stupid Venus books sold 50 million copies in 50 languages. That's pretty much the most depressing thing we can possibly think of.

Anyway, anyway, anyway. John Gray is very mad at ladies, and not just because they are from a liquid heat hellscape, apparently. Nope, it's because ladies won't just stay home where they belong.

"The reason why there's so much divorce is that feminism promotes independence in women. I'm very happy for women to find greater independence, but when you go too far in that direction, then who's at home?" he asked.

So ladies, be independent, but not so independent that you ever leave Venus home. Also too feminists wreck everything by stopping people from buying John Gray's books.

Gray said widespread feminism in America holds back sales of his books here, while other parts of the world -- he cited Australia and Latin America notably -- are more in tune with his basic message.

Men and women come from different planets, and the two sexes should stop trying to behave similarly, and embrace their own natural personalities, according to Gray.

"The most resistance I get to my message is in America. Wherever feminism has a strong hold, there's resistance to the idea that men and women are different," he said.

OK. Let's grant that little boys and girls are different, just for the sake of arguing with idiots. We're still not really sure why this difference has to result in the fact that the lady is the one to just stay at home forever. Is this something we'd understand if we read one of the books? Nah, that's far too high a price to pay.

If we cared, we'd be tempted to look up whether Mr. John Gray, Supergenius, is a frequent guest on Fox News, because his thoughtful analysis would fit right in, but that would require us to think more about both John Gray and Fox News, and we'd rather not sully our beautiful feminist minds any further.

[New Zealand Herald]

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