Men's Rights Dude Tells Fox & Friends Why Marriage Is A Scam To Take His Man-Money

Men's Rights Dude Tells Fox & Friends Why Marriage Is A Scam To Take His Man-Money

Tuesday's Fox & Friends had a pretty darned exciting segment with "Men's Rights" dweeb Peter Lloyd, who calls himself a "suffragent," and has written a book called Stand By Your Manhood, all about why men should never get trapped into marriage, which is BAD. It wasn't quite the orgy of feminist-bashing that Fox might have hoped for, but heaven knows they tried.

This Peter Lloyd guy -- a huMAN rights warrior who once pledged to sue his gym because it discriminated all over him by having some women-only classes -- is super smart, and just chock full of hip wordplay and cultural references! For instance, he explains that "marriage is the Fraud of the Rings if you’re a man." Get it? It's a great analogy. We guess that ladies are like Sauron, and once a man puts on a wedding ring, his manhood becomes invisible, and the only way to escape this evil is to, uh, throw your wife into the volcanic fires of Mount Doom? But who gets custody of the Balrog? Also, when marriages fail, Lloyd explains, "they generally fall in the favor of women," who get to enjoy being single, getting child support, and having a higher poverty rate than divorced men. “Let’s be honest here, it’s a legally binding contract, and it serves men not at all,” said Lloyd. "Men need to be wise to it, and avoid it at all costs."

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Steve Doocy douchily couldn't wait to ask, "Do you blame feminism?" And while we know you'll find this hard to believe, Lloyd actually did, though not as assholishly as most of his online MRA brethren, who can be driven to spitty rage by that word:

I think there is a certain strand of feminism which has prioritized the safeguarding of women over men, even though we’re all supposed to be equal, and I think what's happened is that now we live in a society where we’re told men can’t view women as sex objects, but women can view men as success objects.

Would you look at that -- he did it again! That must be the "dry British wit" we've all heard about so much. We bet Lloyd only trots out that line in every single interview he does, ever. How on earth did he get through his screed about those awful ladies-only exercise classes without calling it "Gym Crow"?

For fairness and balance, the segment also included "developmental scientist" Dr. Cooper Lawrence, because we guess it makes sense to pair a men's rights doofus with an expert on children. Lawrence noted that "men, women, and people" are all less interested in marriage these days, so don't you go blaming women, and then Elisabeth Hasselbeck remembered that they were on Fox and said that marriage is important to preserve the family, for America, and then it was mercifully over and we didn't have to look at either Doocy or Lloyd anymore, hooray.

Also, the segment was notable for lasting four whole minutes without anyone talking about buying cows versus getting free milk, so there was that.

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