Still Some Trump Idiots Working At The FBI, Sounds Like

During this week's hearing with Merrick Garland, Missouri Republican Senator and known seditionist Josh Hawley, according to Garland, repeatedly mischaracterized a Washington Post article (gift link) about the lead-up to the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Reading accounts of people disagreeing with the idea of going in unannounced, Hawley huffed and puffed that 1) he's READING from it, how can he be MISCHARACTERIZING it, and 2) Merrick Garland's own people must not have much confidence in him if it's in the newspaper that they disagreed with his decisions!

It was just one of the absurd, melodramatic and overwrought performances from Hawley that day. Suuuuuuuuch a pissy, pissy little boy.

Of course, we can read the Washington Post article for ourselves, can't we? Josh Hawley's voters might be too stupid to read things for themselves, and he might be fully aware of that, but we can read. And now that we've read it, we can confirm that Garland is correct and Josh Hawley was misrepresenting the article.

What the Washington Post article actually tells us is that there may still be an unfortunate number of dumbfuck Trump idiots working at the FBI, people ignorant enough to think Donald Trump is a trustworthy person. Check this out:

Archives officials said they had reason to believe Trump still had more sensitive or classified documents he took from the White House. [...]

The FBI often conducts raids of properties without advance notice when investigators have reason to believe evidence is being withheld or could be destroyed. [...]

Some FBI field agents then argued to prosecutors that they were inclined to believe Trump and his team had delivered everything the government sought to protect and said the bureau should close down its criminal investigation, according to some people familiar with the discussions.

Ohhhhhhh, we think we get it.

Remember that problem with the New York field office in 2016, where the bucktoothed agents were so far up Trump's ass, furious that Main Justice wouldn't sanction their investigation into the Clinton Foundation due to how it was based on debunked, Breitbart-funded bullshit from that dumb Clinton Cash book? The reason then-FBI Director James Comey felt the need to blabber about the fake "re-opening" of the Clinton emails investigation 11 days before the election was that he was worried New York dudes would just leak it anyway, because they had such a vendetta against Hillary Clinton and loved Trump so much.

We don't know if the problem here is that intense, we just know from reading the article Josh Hawley told us to read that some of the people disagreeing with Merrick Garland believed Donald Trump. Some FBI people in the Washington field office thought it would be "too combative" to raid Mar-a-Lago, and they thought they should ask Donald Trump and his lawyers permission. They were "inclined to believe Trump" when he said he had delivered all the classified documents he stole and was concealing, and that the FBI should just stop investigating Trump.

The notion that the FBI was ever in some way Democrats' domain was always a silly lie intended only for fucking stupid people. The FBI was always inordinately full of Trump idiots. Because it's inordinately full of white guys in law enforcement.

No shit, Sherlock.

We should note for fairness that the article says some of the agents were simply scared that raiding Mar-a-Lago would paint targets on their personal backs. "They worried takingaggressive steps investigating Trump could blemish or even end their careers, according to some people with knowledge of the discussions," it says. "As president, Trump repeatedly targeted some FBI officials involved in the Russiacase." That is not an unreasonable fear, as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page could tell you.

So it turns out there's a whole lot in this article that Josh Hawley forgot to mention while he was prancing for the cameras and yelling at Merrick Garland.

Anyway, it's an interesting read once you get all that out of the way:

Starting in May, FBI agents in the Washington field office had sought to slow the probe, urging caution given itsextraordinary sensitivity, the people said.

Some of those field agents wanted to shutter the criminal investigation altogether in early June, after Trump’s legal team asserted a diligent search had been conducted and all classified records had been turned over, according to some people with knowledge of the discussions.

The idea of closing the probe was not something that was discussed or considered by FBI leadership and would not have been approved, a senior law enforcement official said.

Josh Hawley's big gotcha right there. How impressive.

The article also reveals that sometimes prosecutors and FBI agents fight over how to handle specific aspects of investigations, so that right there is a very big shocker, to idiots.

Was Garland right? Or were the agents right?

Had the criminal investigation been closed in June, as some FBI field agents discussed, legal experts said it’s unlikely agents would have yet recovered the items found in the FBI’s raid of Trump’s residence.


Read the whole thing if you want to and see what you think about the FBI agents and all their protests about raiding Trump. We know what we think about it.

[Washington Post]

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