More lies from the poor.The two American political parties have competing views of Christmas: Democrats believe it's a time to rain socialist moneys upon people having gay intercourse with a Yule Log, while Republicans believe the meaning of Xmas is best expressed by the Baby Jesus' own personal catchphrase, which was "Poor people should fuck off and die in the night." (This is all in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.) Behold, then, that during this Month of Nativity, the Nation shall smite another 2 million people who had the satanic misfortune of being born in this goddamned country, and encouraged for their whole dull lives by the likes of George W. Bush and Alan Greenspan to be content hanging drywall and charging flatscreens on their home equity credit card, because what could ever go wrong?

At least Scott Brown is finally acting like the teabagger jackhole he always claimed to be:

Hours before beefed-up benefits were set to expire at midnight, Democrats sought to extend them for another year. But they were blocked by Republican Senator Scott Brown, who said Democrats should have taken time to work out a compromise.

"It's not the way to do business in the United States Senate, and if it is it needs to change," Brown said. "We just found out today, or late yesterday, that we were even going to talk about this."

You don't go trying to pull anything on Scott Brown! After all, his many decades 10 months in the Senate makes him the main expert on what can or can't happen, procedurally, in the Nation's Capitol.

As for the 2 million unemployed losing their only source of income this month, let's remember that's it's not all about them and their selfish desires for socialism and shiftlessness. Let's remember that these 2 million people all have family in some form or another, and that it's really the family members who are so greedy about wanting food and heat or whatever over the wintertime -- especially those rotten little hungry children with their entirely self-obsessed fantasies of Santa Claus and a toy at Christmas or whatever. Did Jesus get a toy at Christmas? (Oh yeah he supposedly got a bunch of gold and other bribes from the Iranian Mullahs, but whatever, he was Magic.) [Reuters]


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